12 Beautiful ways to wear a brallete!

Brallets are one of the most comfortable bras for a woman as they usually have little reinforcement and no vanilla, while providing the right support. They are also very beautiful for this and are often worn as tops. It is very convenient and comfortable while at the same time it is sexy. So it is something that every woman should have in her wardrobe. But how do you wear a brallete in so many different ways? Below we will show you 12 ideas to wear a bralet in your outfits in addition to using it as a bra! 12 Different Ways to Wear a Brallete!

Wear the bralet as a top!

lacy top bra blouse
Many brallets have enough lace at the bottom to make them look like balls. They are therefore ideal to be worn as crop tops with a high-waisted pants, high-waisted skirt or shorts. If you feel very exposed with the brallete you can also wear a light cardigan, an open shirt or a kimono on top!

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