10 beautiful outfits with a skirt for the winter!

outfits με φουστα για τον χειμωνα

The cold may limit us to many stylistic choices but certainly not to all. Winter wants style and of course you have it. Wear your favorite pieces and combine them in the right way so that you look irresistible. So do not let winter deprive you of your favorite skirt and see some outfits to combine it perfectly! 10 looks with a skirt suitable for winter!

Long fitted skirt with sneakers

long skirt with sneakers
Long skirt to cover as much as possible from the cold and of course our favorite sneakers that match almost everything. A modern style for everyday looks. Combines with a sweatshirt and you can put on your favorite scarf. Although the monochrome throughout the outfit is quite fashionable, you can of course combine your clothes as you wish!

Mini skirt with thick tights and boots

mini skirt with thick tights
A dynamic and sexy combination that will not deprive you of your favorite skirt in winter. Complete your ensemble with a coat and a simple long-sleeved t-shirt and you are ready for your morning appearances. See also: 20 Unique ways to wear original tights!

A-line skirt with heels

skirt in a line with heels
An outfit that allows you to wear it from morning to night. These are the mini skirts in A line that are perfectly combined with heels. If you want something more stylish and chic, put on dark black tights with black heels to create a sense of uniformity. Wear your favorite t-shirt through the skirt and you are ready.

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Skirt up to the knee

knee-length skirt
Neither too far nor too short. Pair it with ankle boots and a leather jacket for a more rock look that will catch the eye.

Long denim skirt

denim skirt with sneakers
Of course, we do not part with our favorite jeans even in skirts. An everyday and dynamic look with a long denim skirt, strong belt and your shirt passed through the skirt to create a slight relaxation. Wear your favorite sneakers below and complete the look with a backpack.

Long skirt with boots

long skirt with boots
Winter is the best time to wear long skirts. Another amazing look is to combine it with boots. Referring to a more country style, this outfit will definitely make you stand out. Play with gray, brown and earth tones for a unique result.

Skirt with layering sweater

skirt with sweater in levels
Layering is one of the top fashion trends lately. Wear a short skirt with dark tights and a comfortable sweater on top that will reach just above the length of the skirt. This way you will have a comfortable and special outfit for all hours of the day.

Woolen plaid skirt

woolen plaid skirt
The plaids are reappearing and apparently they are here to stay. Woolen plaid skirt and a fitted plaid make the perfect combination for a winter look. Pair it with leather ankle boots, with or without heel.

Leather skirt with coat

leather skirt with brandy coat
A stylish and neat look that will catch the eye. Leather mini skirt with transparent or no tights and high over-the-knee boots. The secret to this look though is the long coat. Creating a perfect contrast with the length of the skirt but also a perfect harmony with the height of the shoes, this look will leave everyone speechless.

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Skirt with pleats and sweatshirt

pleated skirt and sweatshirt
Pleated skirts give the look movement and grace. They are very fashionable and are worn almost all year round in various combinations. In winter, wear this skirt with a loose sweatshirt passed through and with boots or sneakers.

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