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Vikings are some of the coolest and most interesting characters in history, and they still have a cultural impact today. Norse mythology inspired the creation of the superhero Thor and his villainous brother, Loki. The Viking culture itself inspired many people to research them to a point of fascination and many even wear Viking tattoos today.

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what do viking tattoos meanWho Were the Vikings The Vikings were the groups of warriors that came from Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Denmark and Sweden between 700 AD – 1100 AD (known as the Viking Age) to attack and settle in Europe, Asia and the North Atlantic. The Vikings were famous for their navigation skills. The name ‘Viking’ comes from a language called ‘Old Norse’ which means ‘Pirate raid’. They used to sail their ships and raid the shores of Great Britain and northwestern France for centuries.

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color viking ship tattooThey existed approximately from the 8th to the 11th centuries. These Norsemen from Scandinavia became known as Vikings, not because they were a unified culture or nation, but because of the raids they carried out across Europe. The word “Viking” comes from Old Norse.

viking ship tattoo

viking warrior tattooDid Vikings Have Tattoos? History tells that Vikings were covered in tattoos from fingertips to neck. Viking tattoos consisted of ancient Norse symbols, various knot patterns, or dark green tree symbols.

nordic warrior tattoo

viking warrior tattooWhile there is no 100 percent proof that Viking wore tattoos, it is believed that some may have had them. As a tenth century Arab traveler said: Every man has an ax, a sword and a knife and keeps them at all times. The swords are wide and ribbed, of the frank type. Each man is tattooed from the nails to the neck with trees, figures, etc. dark green (or green or blue-black) .Have you seen these rose back tattoo designs for both women and men yet?

viking woman tattoo

viking portrait tattooMany people of Norse heritage get tattooed to show their pride in their Viking roots, while others are simply fascinated by a culture from the distant past that is full of mystery.

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viking treasure tattooThe mystique of Viking culture and its beliefs are still relevant today. The level of interest can be seen in many amazing Viking tattoos. These are some of our favorites.

viking tattoo on arm

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viking arm tattooViking Tattoo Design These days, Viking tattoos are very popular with people with Norse heritage who like to show their pride by wearing Viking tattoos. Others get Viking tattoos fascinated by Norse mythology, culture and beliefs.

Viking ship hand tattoo

original viking tattooModern Viking tattoo designs are not actually from the Viking age but are primarily inspired by Norse mythology, including mythological objects, animals, symbols, and weapons.

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viking symbols tattoosViking Symbols Tattoos Helm of Awe Tattoo

Helm of Awe symbolThe Helm of Awe had another name for Aegishjalmur (Ægishjálmr). The design of this symbol included eight armed spikes that pointed from one center. In fact, this symbol represents protection and superpower. Many Viking warriors wore this symbol to join wars. Because they believed that this Helm of Awe sign endowed them with protection and courage to win over any enemy they might face.Valknut TattooThe Valknut or also called Odin’s Knot, consisted of three interlocking triangles pointing upwards. In many representations, the sign of Valknut appeared alongside Odin. This caused the Valknut sign to become the symbol of Odin. Many ancient Vikings believed that this sign indicated that Odin welcomed warriors to come live in Valhalla, the Hall of Brave Warriors in Asgard.

valknut viking triangles tattooThe word Valknut comes from the Norse words valr “slain warriors” and knut “knot”. According to the archaeological record, the symbol was found on various runestones and carved on various objects found in Viking ship burials, which is why it is often associated with the idea of ​​death in battle and the symbol of Odin in Norse mythology. In the modern sense, the Valknut sign has been favored in jewelry design, home designs, and tattoos. Because Valknut users believe that they will be empowered to overcome any ups and downs in life with the help of Odin.

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valknut tattooWhat these three interlocking triangles symbolize is not fully understood, but there are educated theories. It was believed that it could have been used in religious practices related to death. While other theories say that it was connected to the god Odin and the “mental bonds”, which means that it could leave men defenseless in battle, or could “ease the tensions of fear and tension with its gifts of madness. battle”.

width=”600″ height=”600″ alt=”death knot tattoo”>Yggdrasil Tattoo Yggdrasil was the Great Tree in Norse mythology. This ash tree was the Tree of Life that contained Nine Worlds and connected everything in the universe. The Yggdrasil symbol represented unsurpassed power, profound wisdom, and mystical deity.

Yggdrasil tattoo on hand

yggdrasil tattooHuginn and MuninnHuginn and Muninn were a pair of crows that always perched on Odin’s shoulder. Details of the mysterious power of this couple were scant; however, they were revered and admired. In Norse, Huginn and Muninn meant “thought” and “memory” respectively. The sign of two ravens also becomes the presence of Odin and his power.

Huginn and Muninn tattoo

Huginn and Muninn tattoo on armOuroboros Tattoo The Ouroboros was the symbol of a snake that ate its own tail. As “Oura” means “tail”, “robos” means “eat”, the meaning of the word could be “He who eats his own tail”. With some Norse knowledge, we realize that this symbol was for the Norse Midgard Serpent of Jormungandr, whose father was Loki, the famous trickster.

Ouroboros tattoo design

Ouroboros tattoo

Ouroboros tattoo for womenTroll Cross This symbol of the Troll Cross was also favored and appeared in many Viking houses. The power of this symbol was to ward off bad trolls, evils, and negative vibes that might linger.

troll cross tattooTroll Cross is a bent piece of iron that Scandinavians use as an amulet to protect themselves from black magic and trolls. There is no strong evidence to support that the Vikings used it.

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troll cross tattooWyrd’s Web The Wyrd’s Web, or Viking Matrix of Faith, was a powerful symbol consisting of runic forms. This symbol was woven by the Norns that shaped the destiny of all beings. This symbol was a reminder that past actions affected the present and the present could affect the future. In general, this was the sign of universal interconnection.

red of wyrd tattoo

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web of wyrd tattooTriskelion Horn – The three drinking horns, also known as Triskelion Horn, symbolize Odin. A triskelion (or triskele) is a symbol with triple rotational symmetry (such symmetry means that a figure, which has it, looks the same after a certain amount of rotation).

triskelion hornTranslated from the Greek, the word triskelion means ‘three legs’. The Triskelion Horn symbolizes Odin: to obtain the mead of poetry (skáldskaparmjöðr) he negotiated three nights with the giant Gunnlöð for three sips of the mead.

Triskelion horn tattooYet with every sip he drank a whole horn. Since the three horns he drank contained all the mead, Odin got it all and fled in the form of an eagle. The names of the horns were Óðrœrir, Boðn and Són.

triskelion horn tattooVegvísir TattooVegvísir is a symbol of protection, it meant “the poster” or “the path finder”. The Vikings carried the Vegvísir with them because they believed that this symbol would guide them to their desired destination. Whether they were at sea or elsewhere, this sign would get them home safely. It is also known as the Viking compass tattoo.

vegvísir tattooAnother Galdrabók symbol, even more popular in symbolic tattoos, is Ægishjálmur (‘helm of awe’). This magic sign is believed to give its user the ability to strike an enemy in fear and grant them great magical powers.

Vegvísir arm tattoo

viking tattoo by Vegvísir
Rune Tattoo Runes were the common alphabet system for Vikings. However, the runes were not used much for communication purposes, but most of the time they were used to ask the deities for help. Each runic letter had its own meaning and connection to a certain god and power.

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