The tattoo on the thighs, the case of Laos and Polynesia

Tatuaje en los Muslos

Thigh Tattoo
Tattoo on the thighs, like tattoos on other areas of the body, has a long and very rich history. Over the centuries, these tattoos have gone from being almost exclusive to very popular.
In this article on thigh tattoos we will deal with the cases of Laos and Polynesia, with a great cultural and symbolic load … and, surprisingly, many points in common. Do not miss it!

Laos “pant” tattoos
Large Thigh Tattoo

This is how the thigh tattoo is known in the San, one of the typical ethnic groups of Laos, for being very similar to pants. Indeed, this typical tattoo begins below the navel and reaches to the top of the knee. As typical motifs it has real and mythological animals.
The San tattoo their thighs when they reach adolescence, in what, as we have seen on many occasions, constitutes a rite of passage from childhood to maturity. The tattoo is done in this area for reasons of manhood: if they do not have this tattoo, no woman will want to marry them.

By the way, the process is so painful that once you used to smoke opium to ease the pain.
Polynesian sexuality
All Thigh Tattoo
As we said at the beginning of the article, thigh tattoos have a very rich and surprisingly similar tradition in many different cultures.
This is the case of Polynesian tattoos that go from the navel to the thighs, and which are related to marriage, energy and sexuality (by the place where they are placed, near the genitals) and independence (the navel, having been umbilical cord, is associated with this meaning).
On the other hand, the rest of the legs are used to associate with movement (both physical and symbolic) and progress.
We hope you liked this article about thigh tattoo in Laos and Polynesia. Tell us, did you know the symbolism of this type of tattoos?

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