Small, discreet and elegant branch tattoos

Tatuajes de Ramas

Branch Tattoos
There are many types of branch tattoos as they are based on one of the most common elements in nature, tree branches. For example, we can find cherry branches, trees with leafy branches, branches with fruit …
In this article we will see the most discreet, elegant and small branch tattoos. So you can get inspired if what you want is to get a design that is not very striking, but in which there is also a deep connection with nature.

Tree branches to draw inspiration from
Olive Branch Tattoos

First of all, to get one of these cool tattoos you have to know what trees to be inspired by. There are hundreds of thousands of species, but the fact that we are dealing with such a discreet design narrows the search down quite a bit.
For example, for small designs it is advisable to look for branches that do not have large fruits or flowers. The trick is to avoid, for example, apples and magnolias, and throw by the olive branches, very popular in this type of tattoos, or other trees with small or slightly bulky leaves.

How to take advantage of branch tattoos?
Muneca Branch Tattoos
Once you have decided the tree in which you are going to be inspired, it is time to decide the most technical aspects of the tattoo. The grace of these designs is that they take advantage of what the shape of your body can to give the branch volume and depth, almost movement.
Therefore, take advantage of places like the arms to get one of these tattoos. The wrist area also has a lot of play. In addition, it is a design that works wonderfully in black and white and without shadows, as to emphasize the purity of nature.
Branch tattoos are very cool, and these discreet designs are especially cute, right? Tell us, do you have any tattoos of this style? What tree were you inspired by?

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