Mythological creatures tattoos


Mythological beings or creatures have always had a mystical, powerful and immortal halo that has fascinated a great number of people. The tattoos of these creatures is a wonderful way to capture such devotion for these creatures.
If you are a lover of mythology and you want to get a tattoo, take good note of those most tattooed mythological characters or creatures.


The dragon is considered a mythological creature in the culture of Asia. This creature represents or symbolizes the four elements of nature: earth, water, fire and wind. Dragons are creatures that stand out for being ferocious and with atrocious force. It is one of the most popular and successful tattoos among the general public.

Eye of horus

Horus is an Egyptian God who is represented by the Sun. The eye of Horus is known as the eye that sees everything. This eye is usually expressed on the skin in the form of a tattoo and includes the eye, a tear and a spiral that extends into the back of the eye.


Another of the most popular tattoos about mythological creatures is fairies. They are mischievous creatures who do good and appear in many children’s stories in the form of women. They are beings that symbolize beauty, nature, or freedom. For all this it is one of the most popular tattoos in women.



Mermaids are another of the most tattooed creatures in the entire world. They are marine beings present in various cultures around the world and that stand out for their femininity, temptation and sensuality.


The phoenix is without a doubt one of the most tattooed mythological creatures. The person who tattoos it indicates that he is reborn from his ashes to start a new life. The symbolism of this creature is important for people who have a hard time in their life and who want to break with everything to return fully reborn.


The unicorn is another of the mythological beings that has the most acceptance when it comes to getting a tattoo. In many cultures, the unicorn is represented with the symbol of purity and goodness. It is a very popular tattoo among women and there are many designs to choose from. Thanks to the colors, it is a tattoo that looks perfectly on the skin.

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