Moon tattoos, do you know its meaning?

fases de la luna tattoo

moon phases tattoo
Moon tattoos are one of those options that always surprise us. On the one hand, it is true that they are not new because we have seen them in almost all their options. But on the other hand, it must be said that they have much deeper meanings than we could imagine.
It does not matter which design you have chosen, because in each one of them, you will be right. From the phases of the moon to those that are combined with stars or tribal type. a wide variety that has a lot to tell us. Do you really want to know the great meanings that represent us?

Phases of the moon in a single tattoo, what is its meaning?
It is one of the most acclaimed tattoo designs. and is not for less. It is about having the same design, with all the phases of the moon. It is usually a narrow drawing, in black ink and in which we see all the phases of the moon. Many people choose to decorate their arms with them, but they are also perfect on the nape or back. But in addition to this, if we focus on their meaning itself, we have to talk about how they symbolize the cycle of our life. Because in them it is also the passage of time, of life in general and of days in particular. So we are shown a birth, fullness and then aging. Hence, it is a tattoo to be able to carry each and every one of us.

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Moon tattoos
Full moon
A round moon with lots of light is one of the basic elements that cannot be missing in moon tattoos. Because it implies numerous meanings. It is not the first time that we see what triggers various changes in nature and in people or animals. In the fantastic terrain, it was the best time to talk about werewolves and similar creatures. But if we return to the world of tattoos, it must be said that this moon is the representation of completeness. Of a full moment in our life, of great strength and power of a spiritual nature.

full moon tattoo
The crescent room
As its name suggests, it is the moment when the moon begins to rise and bloom more than ever. It must be said that it is a moment of transition between the new moon and the full moon. In addition, it indicates the birth and the revival, as well as the optimism and the desire to continue growing. A way to leave bad things behind, to continue taking steps forward, looking for solutions. If you have had problems, but you have come out of them or complicated circumstances, it is a good time to capture it with a crescent.
Waning quarter
In this case, we do not have such a happy or optimistic face. Since here it is seen on the more bitter side, as well as somewhat malefic. Yes, it is the complete opposite of what we have just mentioned. So much optimism and good vibes would be left aside. But it is that as we announced at the beginning, the phases of the moon were parts of our lives and in it we also find those most unpleasant moments. So as a summary, it symbolizes our dark side, which we all have.
half moon tattoo
The new moon in moon tattoos
It is another of the phases that we could not leave in the inkwell. Perhaps it is less frequent to find a tattoo dedicated only to this phase. Because the previous ones are always main, when we talk about moon tattoos. But still, it must be said that it symbolizes the beginning, although from a point of view a little contrary to that of the full moon, because it does not have the same brightness as it. It must be said that protection or creation is also attributed to him and, of course, motherhood.

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