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The infinity tattoo is one of the most popular today. It is perfect when it comes to capturing the love that one person feels for another or to remember certain unforgettable moments of life. It is a tattoo with a fairly broad meaning as well as clear.
Don’t miss out on the different meanings of the infinity symbol and the variety of designs you can find on the market.

The meaning of the infinity symbol

The symbol of infinity is represented by a loop that does not begin and does not end either. For the Christian religion, this symbol represents Jesus Christ and is a symbol of love for life. In other cases, infinity is often compared to a mythological snake called Ouroboros. Today it is one of the favorite designs for many people when it comes to representing love for another person or another type of feeling that is for life.

Infinity tattoos can at first be quite basic and simple in design. However, today, many people decide on a somewhat more complex design by adding other elements such as a name or a heart to said symbol. When it comes to getting a tattoo about the infinity symbol, the person in question must be clear about the meaning of the symbol. In the event that the tattoo has certain religious connotations, a cross can be added to infinity. If, on the other hand, it is a love tattoo, the person can add initials or a name to the aforementioned symbol.

Infinity tattoos with name

One of the most popular options when it comes to tattooing an infinity symbol on your skin is to add the name of the person you want to remember along with that of the tattooed person. There are many couples who decide to swear eternal love through this kind of tattoos. At the time of design, you can opt for something simple or something more elaborate and with more work that helps to show off the tattoo itself.


Infinity tattoos on wrist

One of the areas of the body that people most often use when tattooing the infinity symbol is the wrist. It is an ideal part as the infinity design fits perfectly and makes the tattoo look pretty good. Although it is normal to do it horizontally, many people do it vertically and take advantage of the entire wrist until it reaches part of the forearm.

Infinity symbol tattoos with words

Nowadays, many people for tattooing the infinity symbol with words of great meaning. There are two ways to add words to infinity, one is by writing the significant word next to or near the symbol. The other way is to use words to shape infinity. It is a design that makes the tattoo itself look good as well as being perfect.

Infinity tattoos with other symbols

Many people choose to use other symbols when designing their infinity. In this way you can use stars, birds or hearts when tattooing the infinity symbol on your skin. Thanks to the use of other symbols, the tattoo looks much more and is more attractive.
In short, the variety when it comes to getting an infinity tattoo is quite wide as you have seen. You must be clear about the meaning you want to give to said tattoo and choose the design that you like the most. The infinity symbol is undoubtedly one of the best tattoos there is, when it comes to expressing love to another person such as a partner, a friend or a relative.

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