Full arm tattoos, all your doubts resolved!

Full Arm Tattoos

Full arm tattoos are one of the most typical tattoos, but they are no less impressive for that. Whether with several designs put together later or with a unique design created from scratch, they are an eye-catching and impressive type of ink. In this article we will solve all your doubts regarding these tattoos: what types are there, what designs are better, how much do they cost …

Types of tattoos on the entire arm

Compass Full Arm Tattoos

Full arm tattoo or sleeve tattoo

Full Arm Tattoos All
Well known for its term in English, sleeve tattoo (literally ‘sleeve tattoo’, for obvious reasons), these tattoos are distinguished by covering the entire arm, from the shoulder to the wrist. Although they are difficult to cover (to do it completely you only have one option: wear long sleeves), they are a very popular type of tattoo.

Half arm or half sleeve tattoos

Traditional Full Arm Tattoos
As the name suggests, half arm tattoos go from shoulder to elbow. They are a more condensed option than full arm ones, and are sometimes just a stop until the entire arm is tattooed (hard to resist once you have started).

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