Forearm tattoos for girls: 25 cool ideas

Forearm tattoos for girls: 25 cool ideas

The forearm is one of the favorite places for girls to tattoo. It can be easily hidden behind a long sleeve, and if desired, open for everyone. Depending on the wishes and personal tastes, the drawing is selected individually. Modern women are increasingly giving preference to more delicate sketches, choosing a floral theme or a mesmerizing ornament. From our material you can find a tattoo just for your character and life principles.
A tattoo on the forearm is performed most often due to a comfortable place. The hand can be placed on the stand, and the master can take the desired angle. Some people choose a single pattern, others prefer symmetrical tattoos. on hand for girls photo 22 on hand for girls photo 21 on hand for girls photo 15For a tattoo on the forearm, you can choose any pattern, size, color and contours. It should be borne in mind that, due to the mobility of the hand, the sketch may change. Although, for the most part, the forearm does not alter the tattoo much, which is what makes this area the most popular. on hand for girls photo 12

The drawing looks very harmonious on the entire surface of the hand starting from the forearm. The tattoo can be accompanied by several flowers and surrounded by leaves of different lengths and widths. Only a brave woman who is not afraid to show her true nature can afford such a tattoo.
tattoo on hand for girls photo 11First of all, women are gentle personalities who want to emphasize their individuality. For these purposes, a black drawing of a large blossoming rosebud is suitable. It symbolizes natural beauty, love for all living things and the refined nature of the owner of the tattoo.

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As an option, instead of a rose, a large sunflower on the forearm looks interesting. The drawing can be done both in color and in black outlines. In any case, the tattoo will evoke warm and summer associations, which will undoubtedly affect the character of a woman, make her light and carefree.
An intriguing sketch can be created by selecting any flower or geometric shape and depicting a semblance of an outlined outline of lines and dots. That is, the kind of unfinished drawing. This makes it possible to fantasize, consider each curl and guess what exactly the master or the owner of the tattoo herself wanted to convey to the whole world. tattoos are very attractive and effective. And if you choose a drawing that contradicts each other, then this will allow you to see the deep meaning in the tattoo. Some ladies perform the sun on the forearm of one hand and the moon on the other. Thus, he tries to tell that a person has a light and dark side, each of which has the right to exist. It is best to sketch in black. drawing with a picture of a woman in a mask evokes a lot of feelings, positive and sometimes negative. Not everyone can understand the essence of a tattoo. Most likely, every woman with such a sketch wants to show everyone that, no matter how aggressive the mask is on her every day, a delicate, fragile and sometimes very defenseless person lives under it. The color scheme in such a drawing will be too provocative, so it is better to leave the sketch in black anyway.

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Super delicate flower in turquoise design is the best tattoo for young girls. It can be used as a first tattoo, and the forearm becomes the perfect area and you can always hide the sketch if you wish. But most likely, a romantic flower will not want to be removed, since it is able to reflect all the power of a woman’s feelings.

Bright drawings are very relevant today. The palette for a tattoo can be completely different, one of the sketches that looks very natural will be a rose in natural shades. On the forearm, you can make an original fold of the pattern, where the leaves will go to the other side of the hand.
tattoo on hand for girls photo 20 on hand for girls photo 19 on hand for girls photo 18Any tattoo can be done on the forearm. It all depends on your preferences and mood. Do not forget that colorful drawings can lose their color over time, so it is better to choose black outlines. The area for a tattoo is considered the most ideal, since the drawing will be easy to apply, and the owner can hide the sketch at any time.

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