Delicate woman tattoos

Delicate woman tattoos

Do you want to discover a series of delicate women’s tattoos? If you were waiting for ideas that would inspire you, then here we bring you some of them. Because they will be perfect for those people who want to get a tattoo, but always in a discreet and elegant way.
Of course, perhaps they start with one of the following and end up doing one or the other. Be that as it may, it is always good to start at the beginning. So nothing like seeing subtle ideas, combined with delicate colors and a fairly small size but without losing its essence in a matter of beauty. Do we discover them?

Delicate woman tattoos with flowers
One of the most common themes or designs is flowers. Without a doubt, we find them in numerous ideas regarding tattoos. As we well know, we can choose a specific flower or otherwise, opt for some bouquets that always bring beauty and light. A touch of joy that will decorate any part of the body. But without a doubt, they will always be great protagonists. It is true that as a general rule, each of the chosen flowers will have its own meaning. For example, the lavender flower is considered a symbol of tranquility and perfect to overcome fears.

Very subtle animal designs
Although flowers are the protagonists of delicate women’s tattoos, animals are not far behind. They will also put the color note in our life, so that in our skin they would not be less. Nor can we stop thinking that there are many designs but we are left with those that simply draw the silhouette or, they are completed as the idea of ​​the cat that we show you. In addition to that rather small size, it is usual that if the entire animal is shown it is through a silhouette and if not, like this example, where the face is seen. In addition to the love we profess for them, these types of tattoos symbolize energy.

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Word tattoos
It is true that many times we find tattoos where the phrases cover a wide area of ​​the body. But logically when talking about delicate women’s tattoos, we are left with those who have a word or two at most. Since we need them not to be very ornate, as we well know. So an idea like this, which is accompanied by a simple flower. For all the people who like to summarize the best moments, or the positive ones, while completing them with some color, it will surely be a great idea.
carpe diem tattoo
Cherry tattoos
Although there are many fruits that we can choose for our tattoo models, it is true that in this case we are left with the cherries. Because they can evoke fertility as well as sexuality. What also encompasses passion or love in general lines. Perhaps quite a provocation, although a priori not everyone really knows that meaning. Sometimes it can be accompanied by the tree, but since in this case we are talking about a series of delicate tattoos, then we only focus on the fruit. Don’t you think it’s a good idea?
The butterflies
They by themselves are already synonymous with delicacy. So it’s no wonder they were in our review today as well. Tattooed butterflies are always a perfect choice. On the one hand, because they bring us beauty thanks to their majestic colors. But in this case, we can find another of those tattoos that only bet on the silhouettes. Still, they will continue to have that meaning of happiness and even love and a prosperous marriage. What designs would you keep of all of them?
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clover tattoo
Cherry Tattoo
daisy tattoo
delicate butterfly tattoo
cat tattoo
dragonfly tattoo

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