6 Styles for modern tattoos in 2020

trends in modern tattoos 2020
Tattoos reveal aspects of our character and personality. I will show you what are the styles for modern tattoos that bloom in 2020 to discover new trends and get ideas for your next work of art. The color is a must for tattoos this year, as it gives a sense of depth and vitality to the design. You will see that we draw inspiration from the 90s but also from favorite painters such as Vincent Van Gogh. Still, you will see how you can recreate a new design with a fairy tale character that you adore. Let’s discover the new trends, below.

6 Fantastic trends for modern tattoos in 2020

1) Cartoon image that combines today

tattoo with aliki comic
If you like cartoon characters that you saw when you were a child, then all you have to do is draw your inspiration from there and give a more modern air to the tatoo by adding an image of today. It is a trend that has been duly loved abroad.

2) Tatoo inspired by art

Van Gogh-inspired tattoos
For those of you who love art and have not only a favorite painter, but also a specific work of art, you can recreate it on yourself to have a piece that will remind you that you love art.

3) Colored tattoos

tattoos with colored leaves
Colored tattoos have become a trend in recent years and have been especially loved by women. If you want something discreet with bright colors, you can choose something from nature, such as rose, tree, leaf, some element such as sun, moon and more. The result will be modern and beautiful.

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4) Knitted style tattoos

knitting tattoo style
A new trend for the adventurous and those who love the eccentric style, are tattoos with a knitted look. You can choose any design that represents you and thus have on you a small work of art with influences from the past.

5) Tatoo with influence from the 90s

90s inspirational tattoos
The 90s have marked humanity with their innovations and eccentric style. If you love this decade, you can choose a design that will perfectly represent you and this period.

6) Tatoo on the ear

tattoo on the ear sheet
The tattoo on the ear can be extremely discreet and beautiful. Choose small designs that add unique style and do not cover much of the ear, for a more harmonious look. ! These trends for modern tattoos have become more popular during this period and are a great choice for you who are looking for something new, playful and impressive.

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