15 Beautiful colored tattoos without black ink!

When we hear about tattoos our mind goes to those that are primarily designed in black ink. You may be a fan of tattoos but this intense dark does not express you. Do you want something more discreet or bright that does not have such an obvious effect on the skin. In any case, tattoos are something permanent, so they should express you and you should absolutely like them. One of the latest trends is colored tattoos. These only consist of colors and have no or minimal black ink. It sounds unbelievable but it does exist and they are beautiful. In this article you will find beautiful tattoos only with color to choose the one that suits you. Do not waste time and get ideas from these wonderful discreet but colorful tattoos. 15 unique tattoos without or with minimal black ink!

The phases of the moon

the phases of the moon
From the crescent to the full moon, the moon is impressive both in reality and everywhere else. A series with the phases of the moon is definitely remarkable and catches the eye. You can choose whatever colors you want but pink, purple, light blue have a perfect harmony.

The tree of life

the tree of Life
A meaningful tattoo since it reflects the tree of life. The tree of life appears in myths, religious books, different cultures. It has infinite interpretations and symbolisms but the main ones are the harmony, the connection of the soul with the body and the flowering of life. It is a wonderful symbol to have in your body.

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Large back tattoo

big tattoo with flower on the back
Colored tattoos can be discreet but not necessarily small. You can choose the size that suits you as well as regular tattoos. A nice idea is a large colored flower on the back.

Lavender tattoos

lavender on the ankle
Lavender is a favorite plant. It has a wonderful aroma and discreet appearance. Such a tattoo is a wonderful decoration for the body.

Flower with letters

flower on the back
Another idea for a back tattoo but this time smaller. In this particular design, the flower at the top steals the show, but a suggestion follows. You can choose a few words, phrases or a phrase that expresses you.

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