When to send a message to the ex and when not!

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Messages to the ex are a burning issue! Surely you have heard many opinions on this subject but the truth is that every case is different. Of course, when to send a message to your ex-boyfriend and when not depends largely on the relationship you had but also on how you broke up. So although there is no general rule as to whether you should send in the former relationship or not we can say that there are some dos and don’ts. So see when it is ok to send a message to the ex and when not! In which cases to send or not to send to ex! You feel nostalgia
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If you suddenly reminisce about the old and feel strongly the need to send it to your ex-boyfriend then you should definitely calm her down! This will create embarrassment as the other side may not be in the right mood. So it is better to miss your beautiful moments silently and alone. Then make sure you get back to what went wrong and why you are no longer together. You feel lonely
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Sending to your ex when you feel alone is a huge don’t! On the one hand it will seem that you are using it to feel better, which you do not know how it can affect him. Specifically, you can bring him back while you do not intend to reconnect. On the other hand, resorting to your ex will simply cover up your problem. The solution for you if you feel alone is to invest in new people and not in old ones for which there is a reason that is no longer in your life. Do you want to wish for a celebration / birthday
red haired girl sends message send ex message
If you broke up well with your ex, without anything bad happening between you, then it is ok to wish him on his birthday or celebration. In other words, if you have both moved on after the breakup and just maintain a good social or even friendly relationship then send it! However, if you have understood that your ex wants you to find them again while you do not, then it is better to avoid wishes. And this is because you can send him the wrong message!  You are worried and you want to see how it is
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If you have learned from acquaintances that your ex is going through a difficult phase, for example some health issue of his or his family, and you are worried about him then you can send him a message. Of course, it is better to do such a thing only if you maintain good contacts and separate well. Prefer a message that shows interest and focuses on the current problem, without too much emotion or references to your past.

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