What to do if your ex bothers you!

Denial of a divorce or jealousy from your ex can lead to accepting annoying behavior from him. Not only does this keep you going but it also affects your life in ways you may not have imagined. So how do you deal with an ex-partner needs a way. Your ex may end up harassing you with endless messages, watching you or even blackmailing you. Try to stay calm and not be influenced by his own behavior. Below we will suggest 4 things you can do if your ex bothers you! How to deal with an annoying ex-husband!

Ignore him!

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The best thing you can do to stop bothering your ex is to ignore him. When you show that you are annoying, he gets the confirmation and the courage to continue the annoying behavior. But if you show that he does not even affect you, he will get the right message from one point and then he will just leave you alone!

Show him that you have progressed!

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An annoying ex may think he still has hopes of winning you over. So you have to somehow show him that you have progressed. Show that you are well, that he does not affect you and that you are going on with your life just fine. You do not need to hurt him by showing him a new relationship but if he does not understand otherwise you could try it as a last resort. This way he will understand that now your roads have parted for good!

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Show understanding but be strict with him!

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A lot of courtesy can be misunderstood. So if you are very good to him and you ask him in a beautiful way to leave you in his past while he continues to approach you then he has probably misinterpreted your kindness. Even if you broke up nicely, it would be good to talk to him realistically, emphasizing that you do not have a common future. Be a little strict so that it gets the message that you broke up, that it is final and that it should no longer deal with you!

Do not keep in touch with him!

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If you see that the ex is not coming off with you then you should not only ignore him but cut off any contact with him. Any intercourse or interaction between you works as a motivation for him to want to approach you again. That’s why it’s good to avoid contact with him so that he can completely erase anything that was still between you. This distance will slowly become a habit for both of you and everyone will get their own way! However, if you feel that you are having difficulty managing such a situation and that you need to talk to a specialist then you can contact milamou.gr where you can talk to professional psychologists about what concerns you!

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