How to share housework with your partner!

άντρας σιδερώνει γυναικα αγκαλιάζει μοιράσετε δουλειές σύντροφο

When you live with your boyfriend it is possible to have some quarrels over everyday issues. And the most common of these is none other than housework! Especially if you both work and have a difficult daily life, you need to find some solutions to share the work with your partner, but without tensions and problems. No matter how busy you are, there are some things at home that need to be done without weighing down just one. So see 4 steps to share the work fairly with your partner! How to share household chores without controversy!

Record everything you have to do

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To know exactly what jobs you have to share then the first step is to record them. This will help you both to know what needs to be done in the house so that you neither underestimate the situation nor find it more difficult than it really is. Especially if you or your friend tend to think that the work will not take you much time but you always end up late then recording them will help you calculate the time correctly. See also: 5 Secrets to a Successful Cohabitation!

Remove from the list that it is not necessary

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Once the to-do list is ready you should look at it carefully and think about what you could delete. Indeed, imitating behaviors we have seen from our family or our circle can put jobs into our daily lives that we do not really need. Removing such jobs from the list directly will lighten both.

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Ask for help as much as you can

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If there are things that you both hate at home and if your financial situation allows it then it is not bad to seek professional help for some. For example, if ironing is something you both loathe or it is too time consuming based on your schedule then why not hire someone to do it for you if you can afford it? Thus, on the one hand you will free up time for yourself and on the other hand you will probably avoid frictions that could be caused by sharing such a chore.

Divide the tasks in order

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So after you have excluded as many jobs as you could, there are now those that you have to share. The goal is for no one to complain about the outcome of the split. The percentage of sharing is something that will be decided between you. For example, if you both have an equally heavy schedule it makes sense for the split to be 50-50. If one is more relaxed then one can take on something more. It is good at the beginning to state everyone a job that he enjoys and would like to keep. Then, as the lesser-loved jobs remain, you can share days. For example, if you both do not love cooking then a fair way is to separate the days of the week so that all the weight does not fall on one. So housework can be a field of many differences. But if there is love, understanding and respect, everything is solved!

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