5 Signs That Someone Is A Hidden Narcissist!

We have all met in our lives people who are narcissistic and certainly socializing with them is not easy. Of course there are some obvious signs that warn you to stay away. For example, a narcissist has a great idea of ​​himself, is complacent, considers himself special, has no empathy, is arrogant and seeks admiration. However, there are some signs that someone is a narcissist that is more difficult to recognize. In other words, you can not always recognize a narcissus from afar as there are more discreet signs than the known ones. See 5 less common signs that someone is a narcissist! 5 Distinctive signs that he is a narcissist!

1. Does not accept criticism

man crown arrogance
A narcissist is not at all open to criticism or to what he perceives as a negative assessment of his abilities. In essence, he accepts nothing less than perfection in the eyes of others. Not receiving the best comments is perceived as a punch to his ego, which if nothing else is great.

2. Has low self-confidence

woman broken mirror signs narcissus
It may sound paradoxical but in reality a narcissist has low self-esteem. This is the reason why he seeks admiration and fishes for compliments. And yes, their insecurities are well hidden but they exist and they are the ones who govern their behavior.

3. He is sensitive and defensive

woman turned her back on man
A narcissist, out of the need to protect his ego can easily activate his defense mechanisms. This makes him very sensitive, which is why he is not at all open to humor or self-sarcasm. This is because something like this scratches his wounds that he is not smart or capable enough.

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4. Reacts to different views with anger

man talking angry narcissus signs
A narcissist’s obsession with always being right can lead to extreme reactions if you express a different point of view. While another person would calmly express his or her own point of view, a narcissist is likely to express anger or rage. This is because again a different point of view is capable of breaking his fragile ego.

5. Does not respect the limits of others

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Narcissists do not realize where their rights end and where others begin. That is why they put their needs above the needs of everyone else. Thus, a narcissist will often transgress the boundaries of others, perhaps without even realizing it. Both his lack of empathy and his limited social skills contribute to this.

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