Simple Banana Crepe Recipe

Simple Banana Crepe Recipe

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The pancakes are the favorite breakfast for children. The good thing is that they can be combined with jams to make snacks or cheese for breakfast or dinner, and they’ll be great break it.

But today I want to let you know that you can be spoiled with flour-free pancakes. Because of a feeling of guilt, you can do something good with this recipe, rich and low in calories.

If you attack the desire to eat sweet, run and cook this recipe that will satisfy you right away and it soothes your anxiety so you don’t feel the need to eat sweeter, they’re a really rich and low-calorie sandwich you need don’t break the diet!

They are so good that the little ones will love it and will always ask for it, there will be no excuse for no more flour because you no longer need it, at least to make pancakes, make notes and run to a boil.

Banana Crepe Recipe

Simple Banana Crepe Recipe

To do the recipe you need a medium banana, two eggs and cinnamon to taste, and the preparation is very easy, step on the bananas with a fork until they are done, puree the cinnamon and season with the cinnamon bananas, mix all the ingredients and put on a satin with some olive oil.

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When you’re hot add the mixture and prepare with the pancakes as usual and they will be ready when golden, which takes about two minutes. Remove the absorbent paper on each side and fill it up with something more you like it, for children you can make it with jam or chocolate.

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It is a tasty and economical snack, easy to prepare and everyone likes it.

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