Learn how to make homemade bread pudding. Simple and step by step in your home

Learn how to make homemade bread pudding. Simple and step by step in your home

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We know that eating is very expensive and nowadays we can no longer afford to throw away food. That’s why we have to invent new dishes every day with the remaining food, for example with lentils, which we can make delicious croquettes.

For today it is ideal to cook the portions that we will be eating so that nothing is wasted. If for some reason you’ve hidden bread in the pantry and it’s gotten hard, don’t throw it away, I’m going to get a tasty idea of ​​what you can do with it.

When bread gets hard, we usually throw it away because we think there is nothing we can do, but with ingenuity and some additional ingredients, we can make something really delicious that everyone will enjoy.

Follow this recipe, yes, check that the bread has no mold because it is harmful to health and you could get sick. If it is best to throw it away immediately, you can use the bread harder or completely damaged before loading.

Homemade bread pudding

We have entered the name bread pudding, but in other places it is known as bread cake. Don’t worry about what you call it, you will love it. If you want to make it anytime and you don’t have old bread, you can make it with new bread too, no problem

The ingredients you use for this rich recipe are as follows:

1 kilo of bread cut into pieces

1 liter of milk

3 eggs

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300 g of sugar


Lemon peel

Raisins (optional)

Take the pieces of bread and soak them in the milk for a few minutes. Mix the eggs together with sugar and other ingredients and add the two mixtures to a preparation that is lump-free and fairly homogeneous.

Take a mold, cover it with syrup and add the mixture to put in the oven at 150 degrees for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes it is placed in the oven and then checked whether it lasts more or less.

Let it cool in the fridge and after 4 hours you can mold it, I assure you that you will have a delicious dessert.

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