5 side dishes that you can treat with white wine!

μεζέδες για λευκό κρασι

In winter there is no better thing than relaxing with your family at night, with a bottle of good white wine. A little cold outside, a little relaxed music that you will put, “pulls” as much as anything wine. Of course, alcohol is not possible! But often we do not know what kind of meze to serve. What side dishes for white wine should we prefer? Today, I gathered for you the 5 top appetizers for white wine! They are easy to prepare and with ingredients that you probably already have more or less at home.

1. Cheeses & cold cuts

Plate of meats with cheese
Delicious cheeses are one of the best choices you can make as an accompaniment to white wine. Whether you choose white or yellow cheeses, the result will be incredible. The best choice, perhaps, is the variety of different cheeses. Take a large wooden platter and put even pieces of cheese of each type. Specifically, put some hard cheese (eg parmesan or gruyere), a soft (eg camembert or mozzarella), a semi-hard (eg gouda) and a more special one, such as smoked. The sausages that go best with white wine are air salami, prosciutto and apaki! It is very popular to “throw” a little tomato jam on the same plate!

2. Fresh fruit

plate with fruits and cheeses
In general, food and appetizers, in addition to taste, are also a matter of image. In other words, the pleasure is twofold when the eye also likes what it sees. Although you can serve fresh seasonal fruits on their own as an accompaniment to white wine, I suggest you put them on the same plate where you put the cheeses. Now that it is winter, that is, you can add, between the cheeses, thin slices of apple green and red (for extra color), fig, pomegranate or grape. In addition to giving color to your plate, they match the taste of cheese and white wine amazingly!

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3. Dried fruits & nuts

nuts and dried fruits
It is the easy and fast accompaniment in general for alcoholic beverages, especially for white wine. Choose two or three glass bowls, identical to each other. Spread them on the table where you have the wine. Fill each one with a different kind of nut. Walnuts, almonds and raisins, gold and black, go perfectly with white wine. In addition, you can “throw” some dried fruits of different kinds on the plate with your cheeses. Very good choice are dried figs, cranberries, dates or whatever you like.

4. Bouquets

bruschettas with pesto and cherry tomatoes
Another great idea for a white wine accompaniment is to make bruschettas. The combinations you can make are endless, about the same as the materials that exist on the planet! But I suggest the following combination as the best for white wine. Get (or make a recipe from the internet) French bread. (If you do not want to be too demanding you can get any bread). Cut thin uniform slices. Put basil pesto sauce on each one and half a cherry tomato cut in half horizontally. Add a little salt and a few basil leaves for decoration. Ready!

5. Cucumbers with salmon

cucumbers with cottage cheese and salmon
There is the classic white wine accompaniment that is cut into slices of cucumber and carrot with a little salt and vinegar served with toothpicks on a saucer or bowl. Alternatively, serve them with some yogurt sauce on the side. For a more gourmet dish, cut slices of cucumber into the shape and size of a large coin. Put a little cottage cheese and a small piece of tuna or salmon on top of each cucumber. Then he passed a toothpick perpendicular to each “bite”. You have made a gourmet accompaniment in individual snacks for white wine!

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Extra tip: If we are talking about wine night, in addition to the accompaniments for white wine, you should not forget the basic rule! White wine is good to be served at 7 to 10 degrees. To achieve this, just put it in the fridge for about 1 hour before serving!

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