6 tips for a safe pregnancy after an abortion

6 tips for a safe pregnancy after an abortion

A safe pregnancy is a concern of many women and more after experiencing the overwhelming experience of abortion. The first thing to do is to make sure that the causes of this episode are corrected or treated. The next step is to recover the body, restore its normal properties and prepare everything for the new baby.

All of this process requires time, attention and physical and psychological care to ensure the best possible disposition of the parents. To this end, your doctor will recommend a number of studies that will help determine the cause of the abortion. The results can be used to determine the measures needed to alleviate anomalies that may affect future pregnancy.

“Many spontaneous abortions (before week 20) ​​occur because the fetus is not developing normally. Problems with the baby’s chromosomes account for about 50% of early pregnancy losses. “

– Mayo Clinic Guide –

How do I get a safe pregnancy?

1. Give yourself time to recover emotionally

Abortion can lead to an intense feeling of fear, guilt and loss. Of course, these are not suitable emotions to live and enjoy the gestation process again. It should also be noted that abortions in the advanced stage of pregnancy can take longer to be overcome.

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2. Make sure that the reproducing device is not damaged

After an abortion, damage to the internal organs or infections can occur. In extreme cases, there is a risk of a decrease or decrease in fertility. It is important to contact your gynecologist to rule out physiological problems. Some medical tests you can recommend to determine and prevent the causes of previous abortions are:

Blood test To check the immune system and hormonal balance, which is necessary for a safe pregnancy.
Chromosome test To check whether your and your partner’s chromosomes are not causing the abortion.Safe pregnancy after an abortion.
Ultrasound scan Examine the abdomen.
Hysteroscopy To check the fallopian tubes and uterus.
Sonohysterology Allows you to check that the uterine floor is in good condition.

We also have to wait carefully until the menstrual cycle regains its regularity, especially the luteal phase. If you want to get pregnant again, the uterine floor must be healthy and strong and your progesterone level must be normal.

3. Prenatal vitamins

When planning the arrival of a baby in the family, it is advisable to choose good prenatal vitamins. In this way you increase the quantity and quality of the essential nutrients that you give to the developing child. You can get the free sale or prescription from your doctor. The main elements are folic acid, calcium and iron.

4. Avoid excessive physical exertion at home and at work

Daily chores, which are very simple, can be dangerous if you are pregnant. You should avoid measures such as contact with chemicals or lifting heavy objects. Neither is it good for you to do things with benches or ladders, collect garbage with toxic ingredients, or stand for a long time, especially in front of the stove or in the oven.

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5. Monitor changes in your weight

The need and demand for nutrients are greater for a safe pregnancy. For this reason, it is normal for you to increase a few pounds. With this in mind, it is important to check that the weight is in balance: if it is too much, it will be difficult to lose after delivery, and if it is very little, there is a risk that the baby will have it at the time the birth does not grow sufficiently.

6. Improve your eating habits

Not only should you drink enough water, you should also have six balanced meals during the day. The most recommended mothers during pregnancy are rich in folate: cereals, asparagus, lentils, fish and oranges are your best allies. Remember that folic acid contributes to the correct development of the baby.Safe pregnancy after an abortion.

In addition, it makes sense to limit caffeine consumption during pregnancy. If you want to shred a meal between meals, choose a fruit with natural sugar that increases your energy.

These recommendations will help you have a safe pregnancy after an abortion. Remember that at the beginning you have to make sure that you are emotionally ready to ensure a tender and rewarding process for you, your partner and the baby to come.

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