5 Tips to spend less money every month!

5 Tips to spend less money every month!

Women have a reputation, not unjustly, for being wasteful. The truth is, between us, that it will be much harder to resist something we saw in a shop window than with a man. Learn how to spend less money each month! I will suggest you some ideas that worked in my case, so you can try to “save” some money per month. How to save every month!

Coffee from outside

coffee ready from the outside
I know it is the easy solution. You go for a walk on the beach for a walk, you will have a coffee on the way. You start for work and the first thing you will do when you arrive is to buy your coffee from the corner shop. Even at home, it is much easier for you to order online for you and your company. The bad thing is that we get into a habit that is hard to break. Our thought is usually that it costs very little, on average 1.5 €. However, what we do not think is that if we do it at least once a day every day of the week, we spend 45 € per month! And this, if you do not get any accompaniment, such as croissant, cookie, etc. See also: 7 Ways to you save money! So I suggest you establish, in your morning routine, to make a thermos with your favorite coffee that you can take everywhere together. Even if you like espresso or cappuccino, it is much more profitable to buy a machine and do depreciation in 1 month!

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full supermarket trolley
As much as it does not seem to him, it is one of the biggest pitfalls in the part of managing our expenses every month. You start with the prospect that you need 2 things and you end up putting in the stroller whatever “shines” from the shelves. Usually, in fact, we deceive our minds by thinking that “it is on offer”, “it has a big discount”. Do not do it! In essence, this is the marketing ploy. That is why the stores also have giant signs with offers and discounts. I suggest you make a list on a piece of paper (in the classic way of our moms) of exactly what you need. So, you will spend less! So, when you are there, you will try not to get away from what is there. There are also some mobile applications that can make your list a little more up-to-date, if you do not want to carry paper!
shopping list for supermarkets


woman holding many shopping bags
It is known that shopping therapy stimulates our psychology, especially if we are going through a difficult phase. Also, as women, we want to buy something new every now and then, clothes or shoes, to renew our wardrobe. Because, as a woman, I understand you and I know that you can not – and do not want to – break away from your favorite habit, I suggest the following. You can aim to get something new every now and then, for example every month or every two months, as a gift for you! Set an amount later, which you will not exceed for your individual gift. So, first of all, you have something to look forward to. The day of the month dedicated to shopping for you! Second, you will limit yourself in the amount and you will know that, if you exceed it, next month you are not “entitled” to a day of shopping.

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Pressure cooker

pressure cooker
Even if you are not an experienced cook or if you are, like me, one of those who are afraid of pots, get over it. The use of speed, in addition to cooking in a minimum of time the food that with the simple pot would take hours, also saves you. Specifically, you can save up to 80% energy. It may not seem like much to you if you do not turn it into money. With simple math it turns out that you can save up to 100 € per year if you use it instead of the simple pot. Especially if you have a family, with children or more members, you will definitely need to cook often, maybe two meals a day. You will spend less money and time. Think about it!

 “Energy class” of devices

blackboard with energy class appliances
If you have not bought electrical appliances yourself, you may not have heard the term before. To put it in detail, the electrical appliances of the house are divided into “classes”, categories that are, with simple symbols that show us what energy consumption they have, and therefore what operating costs. Depending on the appliance, eg oven / washing machine / refrigerator, etc., there are symbols with letters on their label that indicate how much energy they consume per year, etc. Depending on the category of the appliance, the scale changes. In most categories as you go to A (oven) or most A (for washing machines / refrigerators), the product is more efficient. Although appliances with better energy efficiency are usually more expensive, I suggest you prefer them when buying. You will depreciate very quickly and save a lot of money every year. Extra tip: a nice idea is to make the monthly budget of your fixed expenses (bills etc)! You will be in the “plan” and you will spend less each month.

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