13 fun hobbies to forget about stress

It is common for anxiety and stress levels to increase during the days of confinement, but this does not mean that they will be with us forever. That’s why we share 13 fun and simple hobbies that will not only end these feelings, but will also increase your levels of creativity and dexterity.

1. Origami

Paper flowers made in origami
You can start with simple figures and increase the level of difficulty little by little.

2. Design your own clothes

Girl designing and making clothes
This hobby is so incredible that in less than you imagine you will be designing your own wardrobe.

3. Create comics

Girl doing digital drawings
Let your imagination fly and be a superhero. Create alternate worlds or simply express in a fun way everything that wanders your thoughts.

4. Practice yoga

Girl practicing yoga
Not only will you reduce your stress levels, you will also tone your body and obtain an emotional balance.

5. Dare to play an instrument

Girl playing guitar at home
Guitar, drums or accordion, the choice is yours! On YouTube you can find free tutorials according to your tastes and level of knowledge.

6. Take your best dance steps

Girl dancing on the couch
That the dens are closed does not mean that your hips have to pay the price. Turn up the music at full volume and take advantage of online tutorials to learn new dance steps.

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7. Start your own jewelry

Woman making jewelry
As well as being a hobby, it could mean the start of a glamorous little business.

8. Try puzzles

Girl putting puzzle together
This hobby will help improve your levels of concentration, observation, and patience. In addition, it is inexpensive and you can practice it with your family, friends or your boyfriend.

9. Write it all down

Woman writing on a blank sheet
Writing is as therapeutic as an afternoon at the spa. All you need is to open your heart, a pencil and a piece of paper.

10. Dust off the colors

Girl coloring mandalas
Color your days with the help of a coloring book. The best option are those that have mandalas or number guides.

11. Read as many books as you can

Woman reading a book
Books have the power to take you to other worlds, meet new characters, and inspire you to move forward with your dreams.

12. Kitchen

Girl cooking a cake in the kitchen
Stop spending in expensive restaurants and replicate the best dishes with your special seasoning.

13. Run a marathon!

Girl watching series lying on the sofa
Yes, watching series and movies is the ideal option to relax. In addition, they keep you abreast of trends on the internet.

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