Stop throwing the used coffee in the trash, here I show you seven ways to reuse it in your house!

Stop throwing the used coffee in the trash, here I show you seven ways to reuse it in your house

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There are many foods we have. We consume every day and many of these foods feed in many ways thanks to its wonderful benefits that improve our health and many. Sometimes even our looks.

It is very important that you know that there are some of the food or even products that we use at home but that. We limit ourselves to one-time use when we can do wonderful things with them. You will improve our health.

As you know, coffee is one of them the most popular drinks around the world that have attracted attention.A lot of people who decided to think about what else is Coffee can help us.

Couple surprise from lots of coffee or better.The remains of the coffee eraser can help us to beautify ourselves today.We explain how you can use it in everyday life if you don’t.Lose this post we are bringing for you today.

Coffee for your beauty

It is so often to see us beautiful.
It costs too much, we have to spend a lot on creams and other products
Beautify us or improve the appearance of our various attributes without
However, there are more economical and effective ways to do this.

Today we want to speak to you a home made alternative that costs no money and you can get one beautiful skin without the need to apply expensive products to the skin the long it can hurt.

It’s about the coffee eraser, though Many people believe that this is only to be wasted if you know how.You can use it more, you will never get rid of it and use it possible ways.

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As a fertilizer: if you have a garden, you can pour some coffee eraser into the plants to fertilize them. You can also mix 250 grams of it with 5 liters of water and pour with this mixture.

Strengthen hair: Simply mix the coffee eraser in 2 cups of hot water and then wipe it off. Pour the preparation into a spray bottle and apply it to your hair. This mixture also darkens the color of your hair.

Exfoliation for feet: Place a piece of coffee eraser next to an oil of your choice, such as almond or coconut oil, and clean your feet, they will be very soft.

Exfoliating the skin: Simply grasp the coffee eraser and peel off the face with a little soap, give light circular massages and rinse as usual.

Aromatic candles: mix liquid paraffin with coffee eraser, insert the wick and let it dry. You have your candle ready.

Deodorize hands: When we cook, the smell of some food or spices can remain in our hands. Rub your hands with coffee grounds and go. You can also mix it with some cream.

Insect Repellent: Put coffee eraser in the pots or in various strategic places in your house to prevent mosquitoes from getting into your house, and the strong smell will chase them away.

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