Prepare your own collagen at home and you could rejuvenate your face

Prepare your own collagen at home and you could rejuvenate your face

Skin care is something we shouldn’t neglect, but often all we have to do is wash the face and makeup to cover the imperfections. What doesn’t solve the problem actually increases it.

That is why it is so necessary to maintain a beauty routine at least once a week to treat, cleanse, cleanse and care for the skin thoroughly.
The signs of aging do not appear early or decrease.

One of Ways to do this is by applying collagen to the skin, especially the face, because the origin of many imperfections is the lack of collagen or that
hormonal problems. Hence the direct application of this product
will treat your skin the way it deserves.

But unfortunately collagen is an expensive product and not all of them are 100% Of course, it is possible that they contain chemicals that can damage your skin. From Therefore, it is better to make your own natural collagen. Today I will show you how to do it do it.

Learn how to prepare collagen at home

How do you know?

Collagen acts as an anti-aging and rejuvenating effect that nourishes the skin, Elasticity, freshness and wrinkle reduction. That is why it is so It is extremely important that you use this product routinely.

But before You have to learn to prepare it so that it is completely natural and does no harm in your skin.


You only have to Mix organic coconut oil with aloe vera or aloe vera gel.

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As soon as you have Well integrated with these ingredients, apply it with
Softness and let me act for a few minutes. Rinse with water after the time
cold Make sure there is no product residue when exposed to the sun
This can cause stains, preferably applied at night.

When you start Apply this product to your skin, you get moisturizing properties.
Regenerate and rejuvenate. Apply this treatment several times Week so you have better results.

This one here Natural collagen is effective thanks to the properties of coconut oil.
It is antibacterial, moisturizing, brightening and aloe vera heals, Humectants, cleaners, among others. Both ingredients are great for Skin care. If you like me The article shares it.

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