Natural remedy that can fight migraines

Natural remedy that can fight migraines

Migraines are a common condition and difficult to relieve. There are episodes of migraines that incapacitate the person suffering from them.
In general, you need to take strong medication for this disease, which often doesn’t improve. However, there is a natural way to get rid of the migraines, and it’s a simple drink with lemon and salt from the Himalayas.
This is the most complete salt in the world because it contains 84 minerals, electrolytes and various trace elements. Its special pink color is due to the high iron concentration.
It has the ability to strengthen the immune system, increase energy in the body, balance serotonin levels in the blood, restore alkalinity and electrolytes in the body and much more.

Natural remedy that can fight migraines


3 lemons

1 cup of water

1 tablespoon of good quality Himalayan salt


Squeeze the lemons and pour their juice into the cup of water. Add the Himalayan salt. Stir well until the salt dissolves.
This drink should be prepared when the pain crisis occurs, as it should be taken immediately after taking it.


It is not recommended to take it in patients with high blood pressure or with fluid retention due to the high sodium concentration. If you have any questions, it is best to contact your doctor before using this remedy.

Photographs: Whe. Santé; Médecine Naturelle

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