Benefits of avocado seed

Benefits of avocado seed

The seed can also be used as a massager. No sophisticated devices. These leftovers can come from pearls to relax. It never occurred to me, but the benefits cannot be easier, cheaper and more waste. I’ve thought of several suggestions that can serve you:

Wie man den Avocado-Samen für die Massage wiederverwenden kann

* To combat cellulite: massages in the affected area stimulate blood circulation, which can contribute to improving the complexion (“improve”, not make it disappear with magic). In this case, it is convenient to brush the skin surface with your oil or a normal moisturizer and roll the avocado bones to do a circular massage. If you find it uncomfortable to manipulate, you can put one or more bones in old tights. This can make the massage easier to use.

* Foot massager: when you collect a few seeds, place them on a tray and roll your feet over them to relax. Another trick: pour a drop of lavender essential oil into the container to make the moment more enjoyable.

* Cervical loaded: more of it. Rub the avocado seeds in the cervix from top to bottom and apply some pressure.

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