6 natural remedies for colds and coughs

6 natural remedies for colds and coughs

Over the years, the plants have been the special remedies. They have the ability to soothe the intensity of flu and cold symptoms and make them less permanent. Their use strengthens the immune system, which is why they are also preventive.

Spring to heal the neck

This plant (Primula veris) has a balsamic and mucolytic effect. The decoction of the root is used to clean the throat and excrete the mucus. Useful when the person feels cold, with a lot of congestion, sneezing and also a little fever.

How to take it: The root is used, but also the leaves and flowers are poured into it. Since it can be a bit bland, you can add lemon juice if you want to offer flavor.

Violet for cough

If the catarrh shows stubborn or somewhat explosive accounts, the purple flower (Viola odorata) can be an attractive option. It alleviates cough and detoxification. Its salicylic acid helps to calm the evil by “striking” and heavy head feeling. The foam-containing effect helps to reduce fever.

How is it taken: in a simple infusion or in combination with poppy flowers. The ratio is one tablespoon of the mixture per cup. Let it rest for eight minutes.

Hyssop against mucus

This plant provides a complete remedy to soothe the cough, cleanse the nose and respiratory tract by removing excessive mucus. Because of its antiseptic effect, the cold helps when the cold leads to a flu infection.

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How it is taken: Half bouquets of hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) are infused with mint at a distance of one tablespoon of the mixture per cup of water. Cook for two minutes and strain. It has a special taste that the mint underlines.

Elderberry against the flu

Planting an elderberry (Sambucus nigra) near the courtyard was once a wise practice because this tree had medical options. It looks for its diaphoretic and diuretic virtues, which are very useful to help fight the flu.

How to take it: The elderflower is used for infusion in combination with plantain, which reduces irritation to the mucous membranes. Two to three hot cups a day are recommended. The drink has a sweet and mature taste that many like.

Ginger against the cold

The ginger rhizome is a huge source for fighting the symptoms of a cold. It is advisable to fight the coughing fits, the muscle aches, the really serious problem and the tenths of the fever.

How is it taken? Cut a slice of fresh ginger (or 3 g of dry powder), put it in cold water and boil for five minutes. Let it rest and strain. You can add honey to soften the strong and slightly spicy taste of ginger.

Mallow for acute cold

Mallow (Malva sylvestris) is usually the preferred solution for the classic cold, which suddenly occurs with acute nasal congestion, itching in the throat and coughing fits, mostly irritating.

How to take it: In a simple infusion or with green aniseed. The ratio is one tablespoon of the mixture per cup, which is poured into it for ten minutes and loaded. The drink has a dark color and a herbal taste that the anise can sweeten.

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