The fear of suspension in children

The fear of suspension in children

The time for the presentation of the exams can be very long for your children. This is because not everyone feels able to agree. In fact, the fear of a child’s suspension is so great that it can be paralyzed if they try to go to school. It also causes stomach ache or headache. So you may be wondering what you can do to help them. That is why we give you some very practical suggestions in this article.

How can the fear of child suspension be controlled?

It is true that they can be affected both physically and emotionally. However, if you give them the help they need, they can finish the school year with no difficulty. If your child tells you that they are afraid to finish exams, help them convince themselves that they can. Encourage him to repeat positive words frequently. An example is: “I can because I’m smart.” This will help you to increase your self-esteem.

Teach relaxation techniques

The best known and always working is to take a deep breath for a few seconds and then exhale. These and other techniques can help your children relax and be better prepared to showcase their school activities. You must teach him to do this even when you are not around, as surprise tests can occur.

Your child may think that if you bite your nails or do other similar behaviors, it will calm down. However, the effect is the opposite, because your fear will become much stronger.

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Practical test

To overcome the fear of child suspension, do a test as a test. To do this, put the possible questions that will arise in the exam on a sheet. This way your children know what is waiting for them and have more confidence in themselves. If you don’t know the answer, you can help them.Fear of suspension in children.

Create good habits

It is important that your children are well fed and exercise regularly. In this way they have energy, improve their concentration and memory, so that what they have learned is not easily forgotten.

Nevertheless, not only is feeding important, but also good learning habits. Make sure your kids study days before the exam and the day before to do a general review. Never allow things to be learned on the same day as this leads to more fear.

Another important topic is to arrive early in school. Any delay that occurs along the way creates tension.

Answer the questions you know first

This way your child cannot earn zero if you leave the sheet blank. After answering everything you know, you may be more relaxed so you can remember what you’ve learned and you can answer the rest. Ask him to review the exam sheet before submitting it to correct the writing and spelling so that he doesn’t get unnecessary points.

If you disagree, tell your child to question the mistakes they have made so that they can help them solve them. If your son approves, don’t forget to congratulate him on making him feel more motivated.

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How do children express their fear?

The idea of ​​appearing for an exam and not approving it can make your little one too scared. This problem can be so severe that they drop out of the exam and give up studying for fear of failure.The fear of suspension in children.

Though hard to believe, those who suffer the most from this fear of failure are gifted children. It’s not that they don’t have the ability to approve, it’s that the fear of child suspension is so great that it can Auto limit. You can manifest them in the following ways:

Physiologically. You may have sweating, insomnia, digestive problems, vomiting, palpitations and headaches. In addition, feeling short of breath, shortness of breath and fast pulse.
At the behavioral level. Even their behavior can be affected because they are easily irritated and get angry for some reason. They also represent an awkwardness of movements, tics, tremors or, on the contrary, total mobility.
On the cognitive level, insecurity, scattered thinking, loss of concentration, memory blockage and doubt.

In short, the fear of child suspension is strong, but it is not impossible to overcome. They only need a little help to increase their self-esteem and to be able to pass school exams.

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