7 Things That Disrupt Your Sleep!

7 Things That Disrupt Your Sleep!

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A consistent and quality night’s sleep is crucial for maintaining our physical, mental and spiritual health. Although scientists recommend 7-9 hours of sleep for an average adult, most of us are content with fewer hours due to increased work obligations or stress. There are many factors that interfere with sleep. But beyond the duration of sleep, it has been proven that the energy, mood and clarity of our mind, also affects the quality of sleep, which is affected by causes that you could not even imagine! Find everything about the factors that spoil your sleep!

What is the cause of your sleep disorder!

1. Mattress quality

Woman in comfortable mattress
In addition to the impact of the mattress on musculoskeletal problems such as lower back and spine pain, the mattress plays an important role in the quality of sleep. This is because, depending on the species, the mattresses put more or less pressure on the body, affecting the quality of sleep. For example, the hard layer, as it is rigid, can not “embrace” the curves of the body. Thus, points such as the neck, limbs and lumbar region remain unsupported. The soft mattress, on the other hand, “sinks”, “sucking” the whole body. The secret is to choose a mattress of moderate elasticity. Of course, we consult the experts before our final choice!

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2. Mobile phones and tablets before bed

Use a cell phone before bed
Perhaps the worst habit we have all adopted now is to stare at a screen until the last minute before we fall asleep at night. According to experts, radiation from electronic devices reduces the level of melatonin in the body. It is the hormone that regulates, among other things, our “biological clock” and its reduction delays the sleep process. In addition, the use of cell phones in bed before bed, due to the “blue light” they emit, also causes drowsiness during the next day, due to poor quality night sleep.

3. Bedroom temperature

Very cold a lot of heat thermometers
Another factor that interferes with your sleep is the temperature of the room in which you sleep. The result of the wrong temperature is affecting body temperature and the quality of overall sleep. Particularly negative is the “active sleep” (the so-called “Rapid Eye Movement sleep”), ie the deepest stage of sleep in which we dream. This is because body temperature changes by about 2 degrees while we sleep. For this reason, experts recommend an average room temperature of 16 to 20 degrees Celsius, since both the cold and the extreme heat spoil our sleep!

4. Coffee and cigarette

Coffee in the late afternoon
Despite the proven benefits of coffee in our lives, consuming it in large quantities or a few hours before bedtime has a negative effect on it. Caffeine wakes up the body and puts our mind in alert mode. Thus, the duration and quality of sleep is limited. This in turn leads to drowsiness the next day, which makes us drink even more coffee to be efficient! Smoking could not be missing from any list of factors that have a negative effect on something. Although most smokers enjoy a cigarette before falling asleep, smoking reduces the duration of sleep and leads to worse quality by creating disorders.

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5. Mint flavored toothpaste

Toothpaste mint toothbrushes
And yet, you read well! Even the toothpaste you choose to brush your teeth before bed plays a role. In particular, mint-flavored toothpaste has been shown to cause alertness and a kind of inactivity in the human body. This is due to the strong smell, although it can be very pleasant for most people. So the next time you go shopping, try to choose a toothpaste with a milder smell, if you do not want insomnia to eat you!

6. Sleep with animals

Woman sleeping with pet dog
It is a fact that pet owners want to spend as many hours of the day as they can with their loyal four-legged friend. They enjoy sleeping in his arms with him and feel love, tenderness and warmth, seeking to establish it as a daily habit. Experts, however, argue that, in fact, sleeping with pets is not usually good for humans. This is due to the constant and unpredictable movements that animals make during sleep. This is not easily understood by the person, who wakes up not knowing why he feels tired. Thus, it becomes difficult for the human body to calm down and go through the stages of sleep without interruption in its cycle.

7. Loneliness

Couple cuddling sleeping
Apart from factors that disrupt sleep and are related to our daily habits, sleep disorders can be caused due to social life. Research has shown that people who sleep alone may not feel the security they need. Thus, the mind and body can not calm down and enter a state of complete relaxation. Result of this? Sleep is unstable and with regular breaks and we, even as soon as we wake up, feel tired and in a bad mood. One of our goals in 2021 must be to fight loneliness, both in life and in sleep!
causes of insomnia what to avoid for good sleep
What to do for quality sleep! Try to avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages at night. Turn off the light in the bedroom 1 hour before you go to bed. Prefer a light meal just before bed. Avoid devices such as televisions and smart devices before bed. Do not forget! Sleep is the golden chain that binds our body to health.

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