6 tips for cracked hands that you must see!

βαζελινη στα σκασμένα χέρια

Cracked hands are extremely common, especially during the winter months. I will show you six easy ways to protect your hands before they are even dehydrated but also after they come back as fast as possible. Daily contact with hot water removes the protective lipids of the skin with the result that they become dehydrated, rough and crack leaving the exposed with wounds. 6 Tips to no longer have irritated hands!

1. Avoid hot water

hand washing with water
Hot water removes more lipids from the skin of the hands and worsens their dehydration. Prefer lukewarm water instead of what is much more tolerable than the skin. Ideal to wear gloves every time you wash dishes or clothes.

2. Do not rub your hands with the towel

wiping hands
Try to wipe your hands with a towel and do not rub them as this protects them from a possible wound that can be created. Ideally, choose a soft cotton towel for as little friction as possible.

3. Apply Vaseline immediately after washing

Vaseline on cracked hands
Vaseline is the simplest cream you can put on your hands to hydrate them to a great extent. You can wear it as many times a day as you want. It greatly softens the hands and helps them regain their elasticity.

4. Not in direct exposure to chemicals

clean cracked hands
Chemical cleaners greatly impair the health of our hands. Avoid direct skin contact to protect them. Disposable gloves or reinforced reusable gloves are ideal to protect you.

5. Gentle moisturizer for chapped hands

cream on cracked hands
A simple moisturizer from the pharmacy will make a difference, especially if you apply it on your dry hands immediately after contact with water. This will help the skin stay hydrated and soft.

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6. Always wear gloves on cracked hands

gloves for housework
Gloves, either disposable or multi-purpose, should be made with your hands in everyday work, especially when it comes in direct contact with water. Be careful not to have talcum powder, as this powder irritates the hands and aggravates wounds. These simple tips for chapped hands will help you heal any wounds quickly and protect your skin from cracking and dehydration. Follow them and see that your hands are soft, beautiful, with elasticity.

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