5 Habits That Make You Aging Faster!

And yet, how old your appearance will look does not depend only on your real age or genes. There are habits in your daily life that make you age faster! The next time you go to do one of these, remember me and avoid it! This way, you will be able to become one of the women who look the same as their age, or, ideally, even younger! Find out what makes us age faster!

Negative thoughts – Anxiety

Anxious woman making negative thoughts
It is not a myth! And there is a scientific explanation for that. “Telomeres” are special formations that protect our DNA from damage. The longer the telomeres, the longer the protection. The reduction of their length is related to the aging of the organism. Their length, in addition to hereditary factors, can be affected by our lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc.), but also by negative thoughts. In particular, it has been shown that telomere length is reduced due to long-term stress and negative thoughts. Especially when it comes to the phenomenon of “ruminance”, when we think about the same problems over and over again. On the contrary, it turned out that those who are basically optimistic and with less stress, show a smaller reduction in telomere length! Unbelievable? Start positive thoughts and stop aging faster than normal!

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