5 Habits That Make You Aging Faster!

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And yet, how old your appearance will look does not depend only on your real age or genes. There are habits in your daily life that make you age faster! The next time you go to do one of these, remember me and avoid it! This way, you will be able to become one of the women who look the same as their age, or, ideally, even younger! Find out what makes us age faster!

Negative thoughts – Anxiety

Anxious woman making negative thoughts
It is not a myth! And there is a scientific explanation for that. “Telomeres” are special formations that protect our DNA from damage. The longer the telomeres, the longer the protection. The reduction of their length is related to the aging of the organism. Their length, in addition to hereditary factors, can be affected by our lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc.), but also by negative thoughts. In particular, it has been shown that telomere length is reduced due to long-term stress and negative thoughts. Especially when it comes to the phenomenon of “ruminance”, when we think about the same problems over and over again. On the contrary, it turned out that those who are basically optimistic and with less stress, show a smaller reduction in telomere length! Unbelievable? Start positive thoughts and stop aging faster than normal!

Lack of sleep

woman who can not sleep
Inadequate sleep has been shown to be associated with impaired concentration and memory. When it happens in the long run, it can affect our immune system, our reflexes and other functions of the mind. But beyond the above, sleep disorders are also responsible for premature aging. In particular, there is an association of lack of sleep with reduced elasticity of the skin and dark circles under the eyes. According to scientists, throughout our adult life, we should sleep at least 7 to 8 hours every night. In case you do not succeed and you suffer from chronic insomnia or disorders, it would be good to turn to a specialist to help you.

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smoking prohibited
As a former smoker, I know there is nothing more frustrating than having everyone tell you how bad smoking is. In addition to the huge list of diseases that can cause, however, smoking can also affect your appearance. In particular, smoking activates some enzymes that destroy the elasticity of your skin and the area around the lips. In addition, it deprives your skin cells of the required oxygen, resulting in your skin gradually turning grayish-pale. So, if you are not moved by the medical part that proves that smokers who cut it around 40 gain about 7 to 8 years of life, I suggest you think about the part of appearance!

Solar radiation

It is true that, especially Greek women, we go crazy for the feeling of the sun on us and the chocolate color in summer! When it comes to aging, though, the sun can be our worst nightmare. Increased exposure to sunlight weakens blood vessels and skin cells, causing the known dry look and texture. In addition, it creates -especially for the most sensitive, light-skinned skin- dark brown spots, which never leave! The downside is that the risk of sun exposure is not limited to spring or summer. Even in winter, radiation promotes the aging of our skin. That’s why you will hear all the celebrities say that they put sunscreen on their face every day, winter and summer! It’s just as important as putting on face cream!

Poor diet

bad nutrition
If you are a fan of ready-to-eat food and unbalanced diet, maybe reviews after that! Continuous consumption of fats and carbohydrates contribute to premature aging. Irrational consumption of red meat, white bread and processed foods causes inflammation in the body. As a result, wrinkles form. Another consequence of the constant consumption of such foods is the increase in the level of cholesterol and fat in our body. Instead, I suggest you adopt a more balanced, Mediterranean diet, full of fruits and vegetables, fish and, if possible, whole grains. Do not allow your diet to make you age faster!
diet with feta and vegetables
Aging of body and mind may be inevitable and irreversible for any of us, but there are things we can do on our own to delay it. Thus, we go through each stage of life more smoothly and mature in appearance depending on our age!

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