5 Delicious foods to get an impact buttocks

If you are one of the girls who dreams of or want to have fuller buttocks, then you need to know what to eat so that they increase without having to go to the gym, wear “trick” underwear or consume “miracle” creams and treatments. The main thing is to increase your protein intake to build and maintain muscle mass, which you can find in foods such as Greek yogurt, eggs, legumes, among others that we share below. Just remember that before making any change in your diet you should consult a specialist, as he or she will always have a recommendation according to your physical needs.


Egg in a pan; 5 Foods to increase your glutes without any sacrifice
The egg has a high concentration of nutrients such as good fats, selenium, vitamin B12 and B, and protein. This combination is perfect for increasing the muscle mass of the buttocks.


Pasta with goat cheese; 5 Foods to increase your glutes without any sacrifice
Although there are a wide variety of carbohydrate foods, the best option to increase your glutes is whole wheat pasta and oatmeal.

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