Trendy cuts to use short hair in 2021 if you are 30 or over

Trendy cuts to wear short hair in 2021 if you are 30 or over

5 trendy cuts to use short hair in 2021. These trends are our favorites for this spring summer.

Handy cut

This straight cut reaches just above the chin or over an inch or so. at most. If you have thin hair, your ends will have much more movement especially if we create thin layers. This classic look is super flattering for round-faced women.


Bowl cut

The bowl cut that came to dominate the catwalks in 2020 arrives with more power this 2021. It is an ultra versatile cut that works on tousled and much straighter hairstyles. trendy-haircut-2021trendy-haircut-2021

Shaggy mix

Combine your long locks with short ones and a straight and wavy texture. The curls create a key effect in this disheveled style creating an extremely free, fresh and modern look.trendy-haircut-2021trendy-haircut-2021

Collaborne cut

The simplicity of this cut is undoubtedly the key to its popularity. The height to the clavicle and rounded ends make it perfect for those who seek elegance and formality in their cuts.trendy-haircut-2021trendy-haircut-2021

Italian midi hair

Recently, Vogue Mexico launched an article mentioning a star cut of 2020 that will continue to be a great effusion this 2021. The midi cut of Italian girls has become a great inspiration. This cut suits everyone. Exceed a couple of centimeters from the jaw creating new heights for the long bob. Wear it straight or wavy.haircut-trend-2021

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