The 7 most modern haircuts for straight hair in 2021

A woman’s hair highlights her personality and gives her another “air” full of confidence and elegance. I will show you what are the best haircuts for straight hair in 2021 to choose the ideal one for you. From short square haircuts for modern style to the longest ones for shine and charm, everything is here to give you the look you love following the latest trends in the field of hairdressing.

7 Great haircuts for 2021

1. Asymmetrical short frame

straight short frame asymmetric
The asymmetrical short frame fits most face shapes since with the asymmetries you achieve volume and sweeten the corners of your face. You can see here Beautiful haircuts that you should do if you have a little hair!

2. Wavy hair long frame

long frame
If you have wavy hair, choose a longer frame that will highlight the wavyness of your hair and will flatter you. Another positive is that his hairstyle will be easy and fast.

3. Short frame with volume

short frame with volume
If you want a hairstyle with volume, then the short frame with a straight finish and volume is the ideal choice for you. More suitable for normal and thicker hair.

4. Frame with strong asymmetry

asymmetric wool frame
If you have fine hair you can try a more intense asymmetry with one side farther from the other to give the necessary volume and shape to your hair.

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5. Frame with noses

frame with noses in front
The frame with noses can be made by any modern woman who wants to show off her personality. You can choose it whether you have thin or thicker hair.

6. Straight long frame

straight frame on the side
If you have straight hair, choose a straighter haircut in your frame, while the long frame is a trend for this year and goes to every type of woman.

7. Short frame with fringe

short frame with fringe
The short frame with fringe is one of the most special trends for this year that flatters the face and makes it sweeter and more symmetrical.  These square haircuts are what most women will choose for this year to highlight their charm and always be fashionable and elegant.

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