Highlights on short hair 2021: trends, ideas and 20 photos

Highlights on short hair 2021: trends, ideas and 20 photos

Do you want to make beautiful and stylish highlights on short hair 2021, but do not know which option to choose to make your look harmonious and beautiful? Well, in this case, our article will help you, which will tell you about the most fashionable and common types of highlighting and how to choose the right shade of coloring.
Highlighting on short hair 2019-2020 photo 2https://www.instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn/

Types and methods of highlighting Highlighting is quite diverse. You should choose the option that will highlight your type and natural hair color to the maximum. So, what types of highlights are there? Classic. In classic highlighting, curls are highlighted along the entire length, evenly over the entire head. Moreover, the width and frequency of highlighting are different in all cases. After all, everything here depends on the type of hair, as well as their immediate condition.
Haircuts after 40 years without bangs 2019-2020 photo 23https://www.instagram.com/curtoumcurto/

Oblique highlighting. The presented option looks great directly on multi-layered haircuts. The hair is divided into oblique and uneven partings and, as a result, dyeing is done, and in the same direction.

Hollywood or California coloring. California highlights include darker roots and lighter tips. Moreover, the colors of the two parts of the hair are close to each other. As a result, the result is as if the woman’s strands were simply faded.
Highlighting on short hair 2019-2020 photo 3https://www.instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn/

Italian highlights. This coloring option is very similar to the Californian one, with the only difference that the shades are taken without a hint of yellowness and, in addition, the contrast between the colored and base curls is more noticeable here.

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Bright highlights. Young ladies are very fond of this type of staining. Here, rather bright shades are taken as a basis, which, as a result, are located on the strands in a chaotic manner.
Highlighting on short hair 2019-2020 photo 4https://www.instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn/

Large highlights. This option works great on large strands. Moreover, it can be colored as a few curls, or just one.
Highlighting on short hair 2019-2020 photo 5https://www.instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn/

Ombre. Ombre is an imperceptible color transition from natural at the roots to artificial at the tips. Such highlighting will ideally work on a square, bob or cascade.
Highlighting on short hair 2019-2020 photo 1https://www.instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn/Black ombre photo 9https://www.instagram.com/evalam_/Highlighting on short hair 2019-2020 photo 6https://www.instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn/

How to choose the right highlighting shade Choosing a highlighting color is a pretty crucial step. Most often, they turn to a specialist with this question, but if you decide to do the highlighting yourself, first decide what color you want: natural, neon or bright. Here it is also worth starting not only from your preferences, but also from the type, structure of the hair and even their length.
Highlighting on short hair 2019-2020 photo 10https://www.instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn/bouffant on short hair photo 2https://www.instagram.com/curtosqueamamos/Highlighting on short hair 2019-2020 photo 9https://www.instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn/side haircuts 40-50 years photo 2https://www.instagram.com/cabelocurto/Highlighting on short hair 2019-2020 photo 8https://www.instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn/Highlighting on short hair 2019-2020 photo 7

https: //www.instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn/

Highlighting – looks very nice on any hair, including short ones.

The main thing here is to choose the technique that suits you perfectly, as well as the color itself, which will emphasize the dignity of your appearance. 

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