10 short haircuts you should try before 30

10 short haircuts you should try before 30

If you are looking for your new look, check out these 10 ideas for you to try your new haircut to make it short, super fresh and look even more beautiful. 10 easy hairstyles for short curly hair ready in 15 minutes ! 10 short haircuts for before 30.

Wavy hair This video may interest you If you have wavy hair, try this haircut that is almost glued to the head but leaving a long part so that you can comb it on the side.

Round face If you have a round face you can try this core like Anne Hathaway. It will highlight your features and is a great cut to keep you fresh.Chin Whether you have straight hair or medium wavy hair, you can cut your hair down to your chin length. It is very easy to style.Dua Lipa This woman has set many trends, and one of her cuts, mid-neck, was one of them. It is a very youthful and modern cut that you should try before 30.Bob This classic and famous short is always a great option to try, the reality is that you can do it before or after your 30 years, the joke will always be that you feel comfortable with it.Long bob If you are not so comfortable with hair so short, go for the type of long bob cut, it is almost the same as point 5 but only a little longer.Layered A cut to have very modern short hair is to cut it in to give it a very tousled but cool look.Bob to lines This linear cut looks great and stylizes the features of the face a lot. If you want to add a linear fringe, it will complement your look a lot.Neck / shoulders Depends on how short you like it, it is perfect for any type of hair, straight, wavy Chinese. It’s a simple but cute cut.Pixie Looks very modern, casual, easy to style, goes with everything, and suits many types of faces.

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