10 easy hairstyles that will make you show off your short hair

10 easy hairstyles that will make you show off your short hair

Who said that having short hair can not do hairstyles? now more than ever we need to cheer ourselves up, give ourselves a lot of self-love and pamper ourselves. Therefore, check out these simple ideas to make easy hairstyles that will undoubtedly make your short hair show off.

Front Braid This video may interest you Take a lock of your hair and Make a thick braid that crosses slightly in front. You will see that it looks a lot.Braids up It is as if you made two ponytails but instead of leaving your hair straight, you braid or twist it to give it volume.Half ponytail Although it is a very simple hairstyle, try that the bun is tied with a scrunchie of the same color as your blouse or one that combines to make it stand out.Chongo above This chongo instead of letting it appear behind the head, you should pull it forward so that it is on top, close to the scalp. This way it will look different and you can wear large earrings.Barrettes If putting your hair up is not your style, try to wear your hair on the side and put a lot of big, flashy barrettes. It will completely transform your look.Side braid To avoid doing the traditional side braid, try to make it very close to the scalp taking all of your hair.Mini braids Just make a very soft little braid that you hide in the rest of your hair. If your hair is thin, try crepeing your loose hair to give it volume.Headbands These have returned and are in full trend. They are a quick and practical option to style your short hair and the bigger they are, the better they look.Pashminas With your short hair they will look great! Whether you do a bun, half ponytail or half bun, add a pashmina or bandana to highlight your look.Clips It is similar to the barrettes but much larger and with different shapes. Try to wear it loose, sideways, in a bun or ponytail, they go with any style.

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