10 aesthetic hairstyles ideas for short hair

10 aesthetic hairstyles ideas for short hair

Lately something that has sounded a lot is the aesthetic trend, although its literal meaning refers to something “aesthetic” or something that generates pleasure to the eye, the reality is that already applied in clothes or in haircuts it is not done so reference to this. We could say that something aesthetic is full of color, and as a haircut, it should not exceed the height of the shoulders. Check out these ideas and dare to wear this style with your short hair.10 ultra comfortable and sexy aesthetic outfits for autumn10 aesthetic hairstyles for short hair.

One of the colors that defines this trend is lilac, then you can take advantage and make some ponytails like when you were little.

This is not properly a hairstyle, but you can try this dye style where the middle of your hair on the front is a different shade. Try to make a little bun up, little one, they will look a lot.Try to comb a small braid on each side glued to the front of your face, it is a great way to style short hair in the aesthetic style.Other things that distinguish this trend are the highlights, and more so if they are lilac or pink, in this way it will seem that you will be combed all the time.This little braid will look much more if you have colored hair.Another hairstyle that will remind you of when you were a girl, these little pins are very aesthetic, so don’t hesitate to add it to your look.The point is to fill your hairstyle with color, so you can try colored barrettes.If you are looking for a quick styling idea, you can try attaching several pins to a strand of hair.You can try one of the past hairstyles but add colored sprinkles.

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