How to make stunning curls with a robe belt!

πλεξούδα μαλλιών με ζώνη για μπούκλες

As women, we want our hair to look constantly groomed and, preferably effortlessly. From the constant use of various straighteners, curlers, etc., the hair suffers irreparable damage, due to the heat of these devices. Today I will show you how to make the most impressive curls with a robe or bathrobe! And yet, it sounds silly, but luckily for us, some youtuber abroad has discovered an original method. You do not need any heat device, nor special combs, combs, etc. All you need for the hairstyle with curls is a belt of clothes or any scarf or ribbon, 2 rubber bands and 2 clips. Steps for curls with a robe belt, without heat! First, you wash your hair, making sure to use a conditioner or hair mask to get a shine and become very soft. Then you dry them and comb them well, so that they do not have knots or entanglements. This step is very important, because your hair must be smooth before the hairstyle.
shampooing hair
Divide your hair in half so that you have an equal amount of hair on your right and left shoulder. Then you take the belt from your robe or bathrobe and place it on top of your head, so that it hangs evenly from right to left.
robe belt for curls in the center of the head
You grab one side with a bone so as not to bother you. You start and take a tuft from the hair on the other side and wrap it around the hanging belt. When you get to the point behind the belt, grab a few more hairs and continue wrapping.
wrap tuft with robe belt
tuft wrapping for curls with a robe belt
Continue in the same way until you wrap all the hair on this side. Once you are done, you hold very tightly with one rubber band the “braid” you made with your hair and the robe belt.
hair braid with belt for curls
After tying the braid, you wrap it like a circle on your head and fasten it with a clip or a large rubber band so that it does not bother you. After you do, you go to the other side of the hair and do exactly the same process.
curls with a robe belt without heat
You sleep with your hair like this all night. In the morning, you untie them and your hair has amazing curls! If you do not want them so tight and set, you can “open” them a little with your fingers or with a comb.
curls without device
Spray with a hairspray for longer! Ready!

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