How to make a waterfall hairstyle and what is needed for this?

How to make a waterfall hairstyle and what is needed for this?

Each girl wants to stand out from the crowd, look spectacular and at the same time not spend a lot of time and energy on personal care. As many people know, the girl’s grooming is the key to her attractiveness, because even without tons of makeup on her face, you can be beautiful. The first and most important point in taking care of yourself is clean, neat hair that will look attractive even when loose. However, if a girl wants to diversify her appearance, she can braid a spectacular hairstyle, thereby immediately defeating anyone who looks in her direction. One of them is the “Waterfall” hairstyle, which we will analyze below.

  1. First of all, you need to wash your hair and dry it.
  2. Hair should be combed out. During the weaving of the hairstyle, sometimes it will be necessary to straighten the hair and periodically comb it.
  3. If you want your hairstyle to last longer – use styling products, such as mousse or foam.
  4. A hairpin or elastic band to secure the hairstyle at the very end.


Waterfall Hairstyling Scheme
Waterfall Hairstyling Scheme
Waterfall Hairstyling Scheme - 2
Waterfall Hairstyling Scheme – 2
  1. Before weaving a hairstyle, you need to comb your hair with a comb.
  2. Next, on the forehead, you need to separate a small strand of hair a few centimeters, and begin to weave an ordinary pigtail, which is braided from three strands.
  3. After you have woven the first row, release the lower strand and take a strand of the same thickness from the hair that was not used in the hairstyle before.
  4. The weaving pattern is quite simple – the upper locks are taken in a braid instead of the lower locks, which remain to neatly fall off, like a waterfall.
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“Waterfall” on curled hair is not the most festive version of the hairstyle yet. You can diversify it by adding some jewelry and hair accessories:

  1. fresh or artificial flowers in the hair – a trend that will make any hairstyle very tender and feminine;
  2. hair clips and brooches for hair;
  3. hairpins with flowers or beads;
  4. ribbon instead of an elastic or a hairpin.
Hair Waterfall for Celebration
Hair Waterfall for Celebration

The hairstyle will look even brighter if you spray hair at the very end with a special varnish with sparkles. You can also buy hair dyes or colored crayons for hair, decorating them with several strands, make your hairstyle more stylish and memorable.

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