10 easy braid hairstyles for the hot season

10 easy braid hairstyles for the hot season

Braids have great power; They keep you fresh, it is a hairstyle that adapts to any event – it can look casual or formal – and also protects your hair from external agents (such as lice). So, we will give you some easy ideas with which you will look beautiful and fresh this spring, whether or not you are an expert in the art of braiding.

Ponytails easier than it seems, just divide your hair in two and then each strand into three parts, the joke is that every time you go further you take strands from the sides that join your braid. If you want it to be like the image, just tighten a little at first and then with your hand loosen the rest a little.Half ponytail: Show your hair long, comb normal braids on each side, they do not have to be too tight and tie in the middle of the hair. You can add a scrunchie, pashmina or bandana to make it look more.Low Ponytail It is a hairstyle with braids that looks great and is quite easy. First pass the bandana as if it were a tiara and let them join your hair as if they were one more lock so that when they are joined, they are intertwined with your braid.Scrunchie This hairstyle is very fresh and casual, you must divide your hair in two as in hairstyle one and add strands so that you have a glued braid. At the end just tie and finish making a small braid that looks with your hair tied up.This may be the most elaborate hairstyle of all, but with practice you will see that it is quite easy. Divide your hair in two so that it is not so complicated, the bottom part should only be made the reverse braid, or upwards by joining strands. In the end, just link both parts with a bun.Sideways This is a very cool braid hairstyle. Divide your hair in two and comb your hair by gathering strands to make it stick. If you want it like the image you just have to tighten the braid more.Chongo It is a great look for any occasion, as well as fast. The braid is loose so doing it takes less time and in the end, tie your braids with a rubber band and let them end in a bun.High Ponytail The trick to this hairstyle is to make a little braid in the middle of your hair and do some crepe in your ponytail to make it look taller.Two braids To achieve this hairstyle, just add strands on one side to make the rest look loose, add hair from the center and let the rest look tousled.Short hairNo matter that your hair is short, you can still achieve cute hairstyle with braids, the trick with this look is that you only add hair from one side, those that are glued to your ear so that the center does not look tight.Bubble braids: the hairstyle with braids that will make you look very pretty

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