Oblique bob square 2021: benefits, features and 13 photo ideas

Bob-square with side bangs is at the peak of popularity. Ladies of any age are increasingly paying attention to this particular haircut, as it has many positive qualities. Such a hairstyle can refresh the image and visually remove several years. If you want a trendy and attractive haircut, then be sure to choose a spectacular bob-bob with side bangs.

Plus bob-square with oblique bangs Bob has many options. Thanks to this, every fashionista will be able to get exactly the image that she wants. Consider the positive qualities of a bob-bob with oblique bangs: The versatility of a haircut lies in the fact that it suits absolutely any woman, regardless of taste, style, hair structure and figure; The hairstyle gives the image a special zest, depending on the styling, you can be a romantic or daring woman; Practicality is the trump card of a haircut. It does not require long-term care and constant adjustments in the salon. The hairstyle with regrowth of hair perfectly goes into an elongated version of the bob; The relevance of a bob-square with oblique bangs is hard not to notice, every Hollywood star has already tried this haircut option and proved its beauty to the whole world.

Features of bob-bob with bangs The name of the haircut itself suggests the combination of two hairstyles: bob and bob. From the classic version of the bob, the haircut got an even cut along the bottom of the hair, and from the bob – graduated strands to the bottom. The bangs are performed according to the technique from larger to smaller, usually the end of the strand corresponds to the length of the entire hairstyle. In a bob-bob, bangs make the main emphasis on the haircut, allowing you to intrigue others, as well as hide small facial imperfections.

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The combination of the two techniques created an incredible volume combined with rigor and audacity. Women can change their image depending on the upcoming event.
If you choose the option of light curls, you can get the image of a romantic and gentle lady.

With the help of an ordinary round brush and a hair dryer, a fluffy crown and neat strands framing the face are created. This look is suitable for everyday use. By the way, such styling will take a maximum of 20 minutes. That is why a bob-square with oblique bangs is chosen by older women.

Some people confuse a regular square with a bob square. In fact, these are two completely different techniques. In the presented version, there are no clear edges and lines, but on the contrary freedom in execution and a little sloppy look.
Bob kare with strands 2020 photo 7https://www.instagram.com/cortesdecabelos/

Bob-care with oblique bangs is a fashion trend in 2021 and future seasons. Stylists are confident that the haircut will remain at the peak of popularity for a long time. And all thanks to her practicality, versatility and unprecedented femininity in the image.

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