Asymmetrical bob, the haircut for 2021 that will rejuvenate you

corte de cabello bob

More than 30? Then you will surely look fabulous (and years younger) with this haircut. The asymmetrical bob is great for mature women. Little by little, this year a hair trend developed that we do not hesitate to see reloaded in the middle of 2021: the asymmetrical bob. Whether you want to wear it short, long, wavy or straight, it is the perfect style for mature women. So now you know, if you are over 30, don’t hesitate to give it a try! We tell you how you can wear the asymmetrical bob. In case you have any doubt, the bob cut is the most classic of all, which has had variations in recent years. It is also called “3/4” because it represents three-quarters of long hair. It may interest you: Castor oil: know its benefits and its effect on your asymmetrical classic Bob hair, a traditional one that does not fail
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It is the one that reaches a few inches below the chin. It does not have layers, but the difference in lengths is noticeable. If you have straight hair, the longest difference on one side will be more noticeable. Long asymmetrical bob
bob haircut

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If you don’t want to cut your hair too short, take advantage of long hair to manipulate hair height. Match the scalp line and cut one side a little longer. It will easily accommodate any face shape. Wavy and short asymmetrical bob
bob haircut(Photo: Pinterest)

Possibly one of the most chic bob cut styles to wear, as it looks elegant at any time of the day and regardless of the event you attend. Take advantage of the movement of wavy hair to give more volume on one side and let the opposite rest (alone or with an accessory near the ear). Recommended: Amazing Easy Short Hairstyles for Women and Girls Asymmetrical Bob with Deep Fringe
bob haircut(Photo: Pinterest)

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If your hair is too thick, this style may get in the way of your eyes, but if you have it too thin, it will be your salvation to give movement to your hair. Enhance this effect with forward brush and tumble dryer use. Asymmetrical shaved bob
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We saw the extreme version of this cut with the brand new punk look of Charlene from Monaco. But if you don’t want it too dramatic, ask to have just one side cut noticeably more but leaving enough hair. Comfortable, sexy and daring!

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