7 Secrets to Have Healthy and Rich Hair!

7 Secrets to Have Healthy and Rich Hair!

Every woman knows that her hair is one of the most important elements on her, as it highlights the features of her face. I will reveal the seven most important secrets to have healthier and richer hair, easily and simply by simply following the tips below. You have already heard some of them like that daily shampooing does more harm than good and that dyes hurt the hair more than other products. You will see some other tips to always have beautiful and impressive hair. 7 Tips for healthy and rich hair!

Not in the daily bath

girl bathes
Daily shampooing leaves no room for your hair to hydrate naturally, as the oils produced after 2 days are extremely beneficial and nourishing for the scalp. Ideally wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week at most.

Beware of extensions

hair extensions
When you have extensions for a long time you will notice that the hair will lose its elasticity and can break much more easily. This weakening is bad for your hair especially if you use them for a long time. Ideally, get tresses with clips to wear them occasionally and not to burden the health of the hair.

Yes to vitamins

shiny lush hair
When you see that your hair is dull, with a tendency for extensive hair loss then it is time to “treat” your body with vitamins that are special to give life to your hair again. You can get them from your diet, or in medicines. Ask your pharmacist, do a research to see what ingredients and what each preparation offers and you will see that in a short time your hair will regain its lost vitality.

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Yes to styling products that help

hair spray
In the market you will find many styling products either in the form of sprays or as oils that will moisturize your hair and give them volume or shine. Look to see what each one offers and what you need and you will surely find the ideal one for your hair.

The ideal comb

woman combs her hair
A brush with soft natural hair is ideal for most hair types and especially for the most sensitive as it helps the hair not to break and untangles the hair easily and simply. It also stimulates the skin of the scalp and increases perspiration in the hair follicles for more volume and vitality.

Hydration with natural oil

oil for hair
Natural laurel oil is ideal to give your hair a boost and make it healthier and shinier. Apply it on dry hair 2 times a week, leaving it for 1 to 2 hours and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Hairstyle before shampooing

women's hair
For those of you who see extensive hair loss and especially after combing your hair, try to comb it well before bathing so that there are no knots and with shampooing they get confused even worse. When you pull your hair into the hairstyle, it breaks easily resulting in hair loss is greater than before. These tips to have healthy and rich hair, will help you increase their volume and reduce their hair loss. You’s the brightest and most beautiful again, with these easy seven tips.

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