6 ideas to change your look according to your face type

6 ideas to change your look according to your face type

The shape of your face can help you define the cut style that best suits you, but that does not mean that you should marry only one. We help you find some trendy cuts to make you that radical change of look that you wanted so much. You will love them!

Textured Pixie

This look is short on the sides, with long, choppy layers on top. Therefore, this hairstyle is ideal for many face shapes because there are a thousand and one ways to style it. For a round face, bring more volume on top. For an oval face, you can wear the top layers longer, even as a fringe.

Bob to the jaw

The truth is that it suits many types of face and is a perfect option for those who want to give more volume to their hair, since its straight lines make it look thicker. It is ideal for an elongated face, you can give more volume to the look and keep the cut at the height of the jaw, try to make the cut a few centimeters longer.

Soft and Long Layers

This look is the least risky, if you add only long layers to long hair, you will create movement without losing its beautiful height. Although this cut works with all hair types, if you have thin hair, this cut will make it appear thicker. It is a change of look that will frame your face in a subtle way. It is ideal for diamond and long faces.

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Bob with fringe

This cut is very daring. Adding fringe to your bob cut will change the frame of your face and make your look much more modern and striking. Avoid cutting your fringe straight. This choppy layered style makes it one of the perfect cuts for diamond and round faces, it leaves long streaks on the forehead and will stylize your features.

Shaggy Layers

If you are looking for a more radical change of look and with more movement, opt for several layers to create a much shorter shaggy. You should have your longest coat at the jawline to create more volume. This change of look is perfect for diamond or square faces, but if you have a rounder face, ask for the layers in the front to be longer.


I’m not talking about the tousled cut from the ’70s; This modern version is the most popular proposal to create a messy look. You should only order layers of different lengths throughout your hair. To style, apply volume and texture cream. This medium cut will suit any face, but if you have a long face, add a shorter, drape fringe.

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