13 Ideas to risk dyeing your hair with a ‘sunset copper’ tone

If you are looking for a change of look that enhances the beauty of your face and makes you feel fashionable, then you should choose to dye your hair in a sunset copper tone, the reddish tint with the perfect balance between reds, oranges and copper. . This dye requires constant maintenance and touch-ups in the beauty salon. However, the result will be worth every one of your invested pennies, because you will look beautiful. In addition, this tone will give your face luminosity and you can combine it perfectly with rose gold, chocolate and fantasy tones. Below we show you 13 photographs to encourage you to fill your hair with color.

Add gold effects

Girl with long hair showing off her dye; 13 Proofs that 'sunset copper' dye is the new trend
Mix dark reddish tones for more depth

Girl with wavy ponytail hair; 13 Proofs that 'sunset copper' dye is the new trend
Wear the sunset copper look with pride

Girl with reddish-dyed hair; 13 Proofs that 'sunset copper' dye is the new trend
With light highlights to give light to your face

girl with waves and dyed copper hair; 13 Proofs that 'sunset copper' hair dye is the new trend

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