12 trendy hairstyles and styling for the celebration of 2021, which are worth taking note

12 trendy hairstyles and styling for the celebration of 2021, which are worth taking note

A hairstyle for a gala evening should be especially beautiful, stylish and attractive. Recently, more natural hairstyles without a hint of artificiality have become in fashion. In the material, we will show the most spectacular hairstyles and styling that are suitable for an important day in a woman’s life. Low bun A low bunch is easy enough to make, but it should be perfect for a festive look. At the same time, the hairstyle should be free of too even and perfectly combed curls. Make the bundle more airy, for this you can use harnesses, pigtails or wavy curls. Also don’t forget to add a stylish accessory.
@i.love.hairstylesHigh bun A high bun will open up a lady’s attractive neck and point out her impeccable image. The hairstyle is also made in a slight mess and it is advisable to add strands released in front of it.

@i.love.hairstyles@hair_tourLow Ponytail

A simple low ponytail can be the best hairstyle for a celebration. For a more festive look, add some curl or natural wavy curls. You can also add a small accessory to decorate your hair.


Malvinka Malvinka is the most popular and easy to create hairstyle. It can be done on hair of any length. It is suitable not only for a casual look, but can also complement the solemn bow of a fashionista.

Hairstyle with accessories Few fashion accessories won’t hurt your hairstyle! On the contrary, they can make it even more attractive and add extra volume that will last throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if you want a tall, chic hairstyle or a low hairstyle with light, messy strands, hair accessories will add volume and volume to your hair.
@hair_tourSlicked Back Hair Women who are confident in their beauty can afford interesting and colorful hairstyles. A hairstyle with slicked back hair looks very elegant and attractive. To create the perfect festive look, curl your hair a little into wavy curls. Thanks to the splendor, the lady will receive a spectacular and natural look.
Double braids A little playfulness and ease can be added with braids. In order for the hairstyle to match the chosen festive look, it is better to choose double braids and leave most of the hair loose.
Wavy curls An incredibly delicate and attractive look can be obtained with the help of a modern hairstyle – wavy curls. The peculiarity of styling is that the waves are absolutely perfect. There is no hint of artificiality in them and a large number of means for fixing. This hairstyle will suit even a bride.

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The solemn image must be fully assembled. To do this, ladies choose a beautiful outfit, do attractive makeup and, of course, do not forget about the hairstyle. Today, light and natural styling is in vogue, which allows ladies to look like a real queen.

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