11 Simple Second Day Hairstyles

11 Simple Second Day Hairstyles

Your hair is greasy, but the shampoo day doesn’t last for another 48 hours. Panic will not help and will not hide in your bedroom all day. We have covered you with the simplest second-day hairstyles and all the steps, products and moral support you need to make them happen.
Top knot

Half To Top Knot


Recommended product: your favorite hat

Comb through your hair to untangle.
If you want to use a great run you want to run soft waves through your hair. If not, this non-style is ready to go if your favorite hat is yours!

Crown braid in low buns

They start off by separating front layers and clipping aside (for the braid).
Pull hair in a low, loose bun – the messier the better!
Take the separate section of hair and braid until you finish the ends, with a clear elastic.
Drape the braid to reach the low bun and secure the bobby pin in place (try to pin the hair in the bun to hide the end of the braid).

Low pony with draped bow

If your hair looks a bit shiny, spray the roots with the dry shampoo of your choice.
Part hair in the middle and pull into a low bangs with a clear elastic.
Use your draped bow scrunchie to cover that is elastic, and voila!
Bonus step: If your second day of bangs looks lifeless, try some curls around it with a 1.25-inch curling wand.

Restarted, straight hair

If your hair was just yesterday, you might wake up the next day not sure what to do. Comb through and spray a generous amount of texture spray all over your hair.
If it’s still flat and lifeless, tease add volume around the crown.

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Troubleshooting Tip: If you have a strange kink, you can always put the iron in place. But if your hair has a wave overnight, you can curl a few through.
Messy waves

If you get worse curls yesterday, comb your fingers through not really combing them or you won’t achieve that “messy” look.
Spray Sail Soft Wave Spray generously throughout the hair and knead the hair with your hands.
If your hair wasn’t curled yesterday or the curls fell flat, you can still spray the wave recurl after application.

Bubble braid

Spray dry shampoo during your roots and massage into hair.
Part hair in the middle, and brush back into a low bangs with a boar brush, tie with an elastic that matches your hair.
Go about two inches down from the first elastic and tie another. Separate, section, create a hole in the middle, and twist the ponytail through the hole. Customize the fishtail search section to look the fit you want.
Repeat # 3 until you have the bottom few inches of your hair.

Double Dutch Braid

Half to curls

Thick headband

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