With the peach diet, you can lose up to 3 kg in three days

With the peach diet, you can lose up to 3 kg in three days

If you want to lose a few pounds quickly, the peach diet can be one of your best options. With the peach diet, you can lose up to 3 kg in three days.

To support intestinal passage, it is important to drink plenty of water, 8 glasses of water a day would be perfect, but I have to mention that you should drink water except at meals. This means that toxins are excreted in the urine.

How can you lose weight with the peach diet?

Peaches are nutritious sources of vitamins A and C, and you can eat these summer fruits as a snack or with almost any food. Whether you have a lot of fresh peaches from the summer harvest or depend on the frozen peaches, you can lose weight by eating peaches. To better adjust your weight loss goals, eat them sparingly and focus on keeping the rest of your diet low in calories.

Because a large, fresh 6-ounce peach contains 68 calories, peaches can easily fit into a calorie-controlled diet to lose weight. You need to lose fewer calories than you spend if you want to lose weight, and include low-calorie foods like peaches that can help you follow a reduced-calorie diet. To reduce calorie consumption, choose peaches instead of high-calorie foods. For dessert, prepare a peach instead of a brownie, which usually contains about 227 calories, or eat a fresh peach instead of french fries, which has 152 calories per ounce.

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A large fresh peach provides 2.6 grams of fiber, or 10 percent of the daily value, based on a 2,000-calorie diet. A high-fiber diet can help you control your weight because you feel full and eat less of other potentially high-calorie foods. Peaches are also filled because water accounts for 89 percent of their weight. Water is a calorie-free nutrient that reduces hunger because it fills the stomach. For a rich breakfast, add plenty of sliced ​​peaches to oatmeal or whole grain muesli with skimmed milk.

Choose the right ones

Some forms of peach have a higher calorie content and are less beneficial when losing weight. Dried peaches have a lower water content than fresh peaches and a higher calorie content per ounce. Each serving of a quarter cup of dried sugar-free peaches weighs only 1.5 ounces and contains 96 calories. Frozen sweet peaches contain 118 calories per half a cup, and half a cup of canned peaches in heavy syrup contains 80 calories. For best weight loss, choose fresh peaches, frozen peaches without sugar, or canned peaches in their own juice.

What is the peach diet?

As already mentioned, the peach diet is also called a rapid diet, which is based on the shock system, with which you can lose 3 to 4 kg per week (depending on the metabolism of each person) the first week in which it takes place.

During this first week, certain mechanisms of the organism, such as the water balance, are regulated by the diet. So you lose weight quickly, but it should be noted that much of the weight loss is part of the retained fluid and swelling.

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It is necessary to be clear that extending the peach diet by more than a week is not recommended as this can compromise the functioning of our body due to its low calorie intake.

It is most feasible to repeat the diet after a week’s rest. However, you need to take into account that it is a restrictive diet that provides few calories. As a rule, however, the recommended nutritional contributions are guaranteed even with a hypocaloric diet. Therefore, it is not as harmful as low-calorie diets, which are often very restrictive.

Who is the peach diet recommended for?

The diet is recommended for everyone who is in optimal health, except for children, pregnant women and people who are undergoing medical treatment. It is therefore important that you consult your doctor before starting this diet or weight loss.

Peach Diet Menu

Here is an example of the peach diet menu. Remember that it’s more about controlling calories. You can replace the foods suggested here to avoid boredom.


1 peach or natural peach, if you don’t have it, it can be preserved (2 halves)
1 low-fat natural yoghurt (skimmed)
1 coffee without milk

Having lunch

1 natural peach
1 skimmed yogurt
1 grilled chicken fillet with salad without dressing


1 natural peach
1 natural skimmed yogurt
2 hard boiled eggs

Between meals and when you are hungry, you can only eat more natural peaches.

You need to remember that you should drink plenty of water from meals.

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